Conflict of Interest

Simplifying disclosure in the boardroom

Simplifying Documentation for Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest also known as D&O, can be easily simplified in the boardroom with our board management software. As part of Diligent's Governance Cloud ecosystem, Conflict of Interest is introduced to save time and minimise errors and legality across stakeholder process through our secure online platform, in real time. Why bother with resource-intensive documentation and long turn around times? Diligent's Conflict of Interest streamlines this process.

Document Types

Diligent Conflict of Interest Documentation is customisable:

  • True or False

    Create True or False questions

  • Multiple Choice

    Format your questions in any style you want, including multiple choice

  • Open-Ended/Free Response

    Set up responses as you see fit, depending on the answers that you are looking for

For Directors

Having supporting data at your fingertips will simplify decision making promptly in addition to intuitive interface.

  • Intuitive Interface

    An elegant and easy to use product, which minimises questionnaire completion time to remove the frustration that comes along with the process

  • Save Progress

    The ability to mark your place and continue working online and offline whenever you need a break

  • Easy Submit

    Digital sign-and-submit capabilities. One click, and it’s done and out—no stamps or trips to the post office required

  • Access Anywhere

    Whether you are in the office, on the move or without internet, your questionnaire can be accessed in real-time across with your preferred device

For Administrators & General Counsel

Build with ease in mind, admins & general counsel will have the ability to:

  • Duplicate Questionnaires

    Save time with questionnaires that can be easily duplicated year after year with questions that refill for all responders

  • Easily Export & Print

    Streamline the process with questionnaires that can be quickly exported and printed

  • Status Monitoring

    Keep on top of who’s submitted their questionnaires with the ability to quickly remind a director to either start or finish their questionnaire

  • Permissions Controls

    Maintain security with permissions and access controls that can be set by a group or an individual