Governance Intel Software

Diligent now offers governance intel software to offer visibility into the information your board needs to see in real-time. Stay up-to-date on competitive news and events along with regulatory filings making sure your broader executive team is informed and staying current.

Personalised Governance Intelligence

Diligent's governance intelligence software powered by Manzama allows businesses to easily monitor and catalogue news, subscription content, email alerts and newsletters to track companies, competitors, topics, and industries or any topic that is vital to you and your business. Fully customise the tool to each person's needs and expectations by tailoring the sources, volume, frequency, and modes of consumption to maximise the benefits and potential of the software. Use our governance intel software as your daily source of market intelligence to fuel your current awareness. It also offers competitive intelligence to help fuel the governance needs of your board and company.

Corporate & Market News All Within One Tool

Remove the barrier between open web news, subscription news, and proprietary data. Diligent Governance Intelligence combines and securely sandboxes a company’s subscription sources and internal data with over 70,000 authoritative open-web business news sources under a single powerful research and discovery tool.

  • Monitor Corporate and Industry News

    Identify market trends, risks, and opportunities

  • Increase Competitor Insights

    Enhance awareness of competitors, within one’s industry and those emerging from other industries

  • Consolidate Market Research

    Provide your board of directors with the latest industry news to support strategic planning.

  • Enhanced Search Tool

    Search using thousands of pre-built conceptual searches or Boolean search tools.

  • Alert Notifications

    Create alerts to notify your board about any updates.

  • Create News Feeds & Newsletters

    Provide board members with a customised news feed and newsletters at a cadence of your choosing.

Insights From AI-Driven Analytics

Eliminate the time-consuming task of wading through huge of raw data. Manzama uses artificial intelligence, data visualisation, and powerful research tools to quickly make sense of the business landscape and improve in on key insights, developments, and trends.

  • Market Analytics

    Understand the health of a company or industry across 28 corporate health metrics with awareness dossier for companies and industries

  • Customisation

    Create custom reports and alerting based on corporate health changes or specific events

  • Monitor Market Trends

    Identify trends to anticipate future risks and opportunities when similar patterns emerge

  • Administrative Features

    Administrative tools to share data via email, mobile, dashboards, RSS, CRM, and API.

  • Data Consolidation

    Consolidating data into a single database (subscription, proprietary, and open web), thus eliminating the need to conduct research across multiple platforms and databases.

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