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Identifying the Problems with Other Board Portals

What makes a board portal effective, and what problems arise when it is not?

Company directors and company secretaries all recognise the value of a high-quality board – 65% of all ASX-quoted companies already use Diligent’s board portal as part of its Governance Management software.

Australian economist and company director Geoff Swier is on the boards of three Australian companies, all of which use Diligent. Swier likes the ability of Diligent to manage documents and to update documents in real time.

On the other hand, the New Zealand Institute of Directors values high-quality board portals that can control who can access information, for example, restricting certain information to directors and not executives. The Institute rates board portals highly that have various security functions to protect information from being stolen or compromised.

Why Diligent provides the highest quality

Diligent listened not only to the question of what board portals could do, but what executives and board directors wanted and needed board portals to do.

By taking directors’ explicit needs into account, Diligent founded the concept of Modern Governance which is transforming today’s governance landscape.

Modern Governance addresses the core issues of speed, visibility and security. Diligent offers a complete set of fully integrated governance solutions on one platform to enable seamless management and reporting. Modern governance tools are designed to work for today’s board directors who need secure applications that they can access from anywhere, at any time.

Other board portals aren’t comprehensive solutions

A number of board portal software companies lag because their software developers haven’t designed the features that board directors use and need. Research and development take time and money to create the types of features and products that stand out against the competition. Diligent invests heavily in creating software for today’s boards with a design eye on future board needs.

Other board portals covered many of the basics of board business, but they didn’t continue to think about innovations. Their board portals worked fairly well for some industries – and not at all for others. Moreover, they did not think hard enough about usability and user-friendliness – Diligent board portals are extremely easy to use.

Don’t depend on Wi-Fi for connectivity

Connectivity and accessibility are another big problem for executives and board members, who are often on the go. They do not want to be dependent on a Wi-Fi connection to review materials. Diligent’s board portal connects from anywhere, with or without Wi-Fi, so that directors can be assured of reaching other directors or finding documents at any time, anywhere.

Training as needed

Although directors don’t require a great deal of training to use Diligent’s board portals, training is always available at a high level when required. Other board portal companies don’t always make training sessions convenient or portable, so users don’t take advantage of many of the features that they could be using. Users fall back on tried-and-true inefficient methods: They end up going right back to leafing through stacks of collated paper — the very thing they were trying to escape.

Of course, many other board portal providers have a customer service line, but that doesn’t help you when you’re having an issue with the software after work hours, on weekends or on holidays. Even worse, you may get someone on the line, and they aren’t knowledgeable enough to help.

Solutions that directors and executives demand

As early as 2001, Diligent led the pack with one of the earliest versions of a secure board portal and it has continued to lead the industry with a massive investment in security expertise and technology. Diligent today offers the most full-featured board portal on the market, one which provides solutions for the critical needs of directors and executives.

State of the Art Security

Diligent uses state-of-the-art security methodologies and encryption to protect your board’s sensitive data. Diligent employs the highest-level security measures — each user has a unique set of keys that protects their data — without sacrificing usability.

Diligent uses at least 128-bit encryption at every possible juncture, including in its data centers, in transit and on users’ devices. Whether they are online or offline, a company’s board materials are completely secure.

Diligent has earned repeated ISO 27001 certification for its rigorous and multifaceted security systems.

To prevent security breaches and to be prepared to respond if a hacker breaks through the most solid security measures possible, Diligent performs regular data breach simulations to detect any possible gaps or entry points for viruses. IT experts also perform penetration testing at all levels, at least annually, and Diligent performs monthly automated application penetration testing and weekly vulnerability scanning.

Adoptability means ease of use and training where needed

Adoptability means that all directors, company secretaries, administrators and end-users ought to be able to use every feature of our board portal.

Diligent offers a variety of training types and styles to work with each end-user at their own levels. Our staff provides unlimited one-on-one or in-person training so that our clients can use all the distinctive features of the portal with confidence.

Reputation and Service

Diligent was founded at the birth of the technology boom and now has over 15 years of experience in the governance and technology space.

Many top industry leaders rely on Diligent’s board portal in a variety of public and private industries, including finance, higher education, healthcare, hospitals, senior care organisations and many other industries.

Our clients rely on our professional white-glove customer service that provides 24/7 assistance every day of the year. Industry leaders have recognised our customer service team with many awards.

Diligent Governance Cloud leads the industry by doing what others can’t

To achieve effective board performance, boards need the support of technology that enables secure and rapid communication, which enables robust and active collaboration, and which supports efficient boardroom processes – all in an environment that is secure. 

Diligent, the pioneer in Modern Governance,  offers applications for director recruitment, for board assessment, for conflict-of-interest management among many others, all at the highest level of quality and that allow for end-to-end governance management. Having a fully integrated Enterprise Governance Management system will aid board directors in developing governance frameworks that work for the benefit of the board, the managers, shareholders and stakeholders

Board Portal Buyer’s Guide

With the right Board Portal software, a board can improve corporate governance and efficiency while collaborating in a secure environment. With lots of board portal vendors to choose from, the whitepaper contains the most important questions to ask during your search, divided into five essential categories.

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