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National Associations: Managing Conflicts of Interest among State Members

What happens at a national association when the member organizations do not get along? There are, unfortunately, good examples from Australia and New Zealand.

A rather shocking example is that of the Australian Netball Association. Press reports show a near-complete breakdown of national association governance in 2017.

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Kathryn Harby-Williams, a former Australian Captain, which – with Cheryl McCormack – one of two board directors seeking re-election, and among five candidates for three vacancies. It was clear that Netball Queensland and Netball were both harby-Williams as part of a shared responsibility.


Importance of good governance at national associations

While the dispute resolved, good governance would never happen.

The challenge, for national associations of this type, is to incorporate all the state associations into a body with even division of power and effective board representation.

In New Zealand, for example, the boards of national associations have come to a close .

“Writing the Christchurch-based Consultancy Board Clarity.”, “One of the most effective ways to do this is through the work of Policy Governance and National Governance ,

For example, New Zealand’s national sporting agency (SPARC) provides advice on all sporting entities and clubs across the country. It developed a resource called “Nine Steps to Effective Governance,” which is strongly influenced by the policy governance model. A similar resource is available for the Creative Arts and School Boards of Trustees. And a government-run community Internet resource that many small agencies rely on.


Adopting new models of governance at national associations

Similarly, the Australian Computer Society (ACS) is changing its governance model due to inability to coordinate on state members into the overall decision-making structure.

Says ACS President Yohan Ramasundara: “As many want to be familiar, ACS started life in 1966 as an amalgamation of existing state computer societies. There are remnants in our current Rules and Regulations. This brings with it some uniqueness that is not broadly understood.

It has become clear that it has been considered complex and ambiguous to many, how to make decisions, and where to make decision-making authority resides across the vast breadth of ACS activities , Within this context, it is compelling that the rules were for a different era. “

As a result of this consultation, the ACS wants to completely change its governance model, moving to becoming a Company Limited by Guarantee. “The ACS wants to draw up a new constitution to meet the current and future needs of the ACS, as well as bringing it in line with contemporary governance practice and legislative requirements,” Ramasundara adds.

Modern governance tools can support these changes.


Diligent Governance Cloud: Modern Governance Tools to manage Conflict of Interest

Diligent is the leading provider of governance technology. Governance Cloud includes an up-to-date suite of tools to address governance issues, including background and insights on governance.

Diligent is a pioneer in modern governance.

The Governance Cloud ecosystem also offers tools to manage governance issues. The Diligent  Conflict of Interest Questionnaire’s effective and confidential implementation of policy. It moves reporting online, eliminating the time and resource-intensive process of assembling binders, mailing information that may require last-minute updates, and waiting for days, possibly weeks for the return of signed packets.

Informed by our work with leading boards and 145,000-plus executives worldwide, the questionnaires in each channel of your conflict of interest. Easy to customize, administer, and use, Diligent Conflict of Interest Questionnaires save time, minimal errors, and deliver a more streamlined process for everyone.

There are also tools for every governance issue that arise at companies and not-for-profit associations. For example, the nominations scores thousands of candidates. It also creates channels for discussions with candidates and holding holding elections.

But there are also tools for competitive intelligence, for understanding the industry, for rapid and secure communications, virtual meeting rooms for secure exchanges of ideas, for evaluation board performance, for entity management and more.

Good governance is not just one thing – so why buy software? At Diligent, we empower leading organizations around the world to make good business decisions. In the ever-changing landscape of the world, governance has not kept up with the fast pace of business. Quarterly board meetings, paper board books and using secure communication tools for sensitive data.

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