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Streamline the collection, review, and memorialisation of minutes, all within the security of Diligent

You’ve taken the first step by making Diligent Minutes a part of your modern governance solution in order to secure your meeting minutes processes -- just as you did for your sensitive board materials. Now, learn everything you need to know about streamlining your entire minutes process, managing actions, and simplifying your approval workflow. Catch up on the new review feature, view helpful videos and articles, or request training – we’re here to help.

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Minutes Review Feature

Did you know you can send draft minutes documents to stakeholders for review directly within Diligent Boards instead of gaining approval through insecure channels such as email? Track changes made by reviewers in real-time, update the document status, and accept, decline, or comment on changes made, plus get approval on the final draft – all in the closed-loop, secure Diligent environment.

Learning Courses

Minutes Learning Courses: Solutions for Your Biggest Minutes Challenges



Minutes woes we’re all familiar with – time consuming, manual, and often duplicative work with manual action tracking, inconsistent minutes formatting, and insecure review.  

Made specifically for Minutes users, join a series of intimate personal training sessions with Diligent’s Senior Implementation Manager to learn about the new Minutes review feature and hear best practices to support for your minutes process – plus, get answers to all of your questions in real-time.  

Session 1: Getting Started with Diligent Minutes  

Session 2: Creating a Solid Minutes Template 

Session 3: Master Action Tracking 

Session 4: Streamline Minutes Review & Approval 


On-Demand Webinars

On-Demand Minutes Webinars


Streamline Your Process with Diligent Minutes

Diligent Minutes makes it easy to add minute templates to the books you already create—or build them from scratch. Seamlessly integrated into Diligent Boards, Minutes allows you to leverage the data that you already have by adding meeting dates, attendees, and meeting topic sections to the minutes document automatically. Action items can then be added with just a few clicks, and assigned and monitored during or after the meeting.

Take, Circulate, and Review Minutes in a Secure Environment

Secure your entire minutes review and approval process with the new minutes review feature. Watch this on-demand session with a Diligent Client Executive for an in-depth demo, plus learn everything you need to know about minute taking, circulation, and review all with the security of Diligent.

Minutes Best Practices

Minutes Best Practices

Meeting minutes are required by law in many jurisdictions, and hold an essential purpose for internal record keeping, reviewing facts and ensuring progress against goals is tracked. Read up to find out why you should be securing your entire minute taking process and best practices for modern minute taking: The meeting minutes are also called the record or the journal. Laws for recording meetings are retained by the states. Boards may refer to meeting minutes for internal purposes, such as reviewing facts or to ensure that they’re making progress with their goals. Courts of law may also subpoena meeting minutes if the board or corporation gets sued or faces a legal matter.


Minutes How-To

How-To Video: Minutes Review

Watch an in-depth video of our newest Minutes functionality – Minutes Review. One of Diligent’s Senior Client Executives runs through how to create a template, manage actions, review your draft minutes document with colleagues, and load into next board book for approval.

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