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Driving Digital Resilience: A How-to-Guide for Financial Services Boards

4 Key Strategies for Financial Boards to Drive Digital Resilience

A crisis can uncover an organisation’s inability to adapt to unforeseen challenges, or it can present new opportunities. While many industries struggled in 2020 to adapt to the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the financial services industry adapted to the new dynamic relatively swiftly and efficiently. Financial organisations accelerated their digital roadmaps to create productive virtual environments for distributed teams, and they established largely seamless transitions to digital channels and touchpoints for customers.

Leaders are now shifting gears, widening their lens from short-term success to long-term sustainable growth. Consequently, digital resilience has emerged as a prime focus for financial boards that want to ensure their organisations not only survive the next crisis, but actively thrive. This guide features four key strategies for boards to create an enterprise-wide culture of resilience.