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Gender and Leadership in the Boardroom: Progress in a Tumultuous Year

Women in Board Leadership
What’s Changed in the Past Year?

The number of women serving on listed company boards has been slowly but steadily increasing over the last decade, yet more progress is needed to ensure women are fully included in board leadership. In 2020, Diligent Institute’s report, A Few Good Women: Gender Inclusion in Public Company Board Leadership, investigated this issue. We were particularly interested to learn more about women’s inclusion in board leadership roles by exploring the following questions:

  • What are the rates of participation in committees for female board directors?
  • How frequently are women asked to assume leadership positions upon joining the board?
  • How well represented are women in board leadership roles overall?
  • How does the rate of women’s participation in board leadership compare to that of men?

This report provides an update on the findings from last year’s report and an analysis of visible trends.