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How Local Data Hosting Can Benefit A Range Of Organisations

Data is inextricably linked to trust. If you don’t trust somebody, you’re not going to want to give them your information – it’s as simple as that. But public trust in business is in a downward spiral.

This report explores the changing data security landscape and its implications for corporate governance. It summarises practical guidance on how to protect sensitive boardroom information to underpin trust across organisations and look at the benefits of a local data hosting solution. Some areas of interests:

  • How Australians feel about Data Security?
  • Why Data Security is essential?
  • Why Data Security means different things for each organisation?
  • Data Security in the Boardroom.
  • Why Data Security is Good Corporate Governance?
  • Data Leakage.
  • Benefits of Local Data Hosting.
  • Latency Improvements

Download the whitepaper for the full report.

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