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Leadership in a Digital Age: Why Now Is the Time for Boards to Digitise

We live in a digital world. We socialise digitally.
We shop digitally. We work – more now than ever –
digitally. So, why is it that digitisation seems to stop
at the boardroom door?

Many companies have embraced data and technology
to achieve operational efficiencies and strategic insights.
Likewise, the modern board should be agile and
adaptable. Quick to act and decisive in their actions.
Secure and streamlined in their communications. Yet, too
many boards overseeing these companies have failed to
embrace the benefits of digital tools. Consequently, they
are hindered by their legacy processes, unaware of the
inefficiencies and risks they pose.

Long after the COVID-19 pandemic recedes from view, its
effect on business practices will continue to be felt. Digital
adoption has been compressed from years to months;
digitisation is now integral to thriving. Organisations that
still rely on paper-based processes risk being left behind.