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How to Measure and Automate Compliance

Today, the growth of restrictions, regulations, and policies is nothing short of wild. In 2020, over 50 countries launched privacy regulations. Since 2011, the cost of non-compliance has risen by 45%.
The rising economic cost of red tape in Australia alone is at least $176 billion a year – the equivalent of $19,300 per household – according to the Institute of Public Affairs. While the government is determined to lessen the regulatory burden, the pressure on compliance teams is only going up as their field of responsibility gets bigger.

This guide will demonstrate that compliance automation is necessary, desirable, and practical. To make these ideas immediately useful, we provide a maturity framework to help teams and leaders assess their current compliance program and understand precisely where automation can be most helpful.

In this white paper, we look at two chapters:

  • Chapter 1.  To Survive: Automate
    • The Compliance Automation Maturity Framework
  • Chapter 2. How to Implement the Framework
    • Your Journey Begins

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