Beyond the Tipping Point – Why Vendor Hosting is the Way Forward

When it comes to corporate governance, it’s essential to have a well-informed choice.

It’s not enough to look sleek and intuitive to use. They need to be backed up with reliability, top class customer support and robust security. Reviewing these attributes will meaningfully help compare systems’ benefits – and pinpoint their hidden costs.

Customers come first

Diligent Boards is provided as a vendor hosted solution.

Customer feedback is a critical part of the development process at Diligent. Our goal is to reduce the pain points experienced in the corporate governance process, and nobody knows them better than company secretaries, management teams and directors. Many of our most popular features come from the people who use our solutions every day.

That’s why we look closely at this issue, to sample it.

We’ve summarized the results of our research and analysis.

Sunshine in the cloud

The move from on-premises solutions to the cloud has come on over the past decade. With the Australian Government now actively encouraging public service agencies to adopt a cloud-first approach, the shift has reached critical mass.

Global IT researcher Gartner predicts that the Australian public cloud market will grow to $ 5.6 billion in 2019, up $ 1 billion from the year before. That reflects a global trend of growth into double digits, with a global market of over $ 200 billion.

Two of the key reasons behind the increased dominance of cloud computing are the flexibility and cost efficiency.

  • Greater flexibility

Vendor hosting provides support for your business needs as they evolve over time, whether that’s a slow burn or a rapid inflection point. From increases (or decreases) in the number of users, to data storage space and bandwidth, you can have immediate results without having to upgrade your internal infrastructure.

  • Cost efficiency

On-premises technology typically involves a heavy up-front investment. By contrast, with vendor hosted cloud solutions, you only pay for what you need rather than incurring the cost of future-proofing. You are not locked into a depreciating asset for years, as cloud services are typically made on a 12-month basis.

By specialists, for specialists

Corporate governance is a specialist field. At Diligent, we specialize in corporate governance technology. There are four important reasons why organizations benefit from having a vendor host solutions:

  1. Caters to a niche user group

Corporate governance systems are at the very least one of a kind organization.

IT teams can struggle with each other to make themselves responsible.

Corporate governance technology is at the center of Diligent’s business. We understand the unique challenges facing our users, whether they are directors or management.

  1. Exceptional customer service

Directors need to be able to access their papers quickly and seamlessly, wherever they are in the world.

If something goes wrong, even if that’s as simple as a forgotten password. Calls to Diligent’s customer service line are answered within five seconds.

Similarly, company secretaries and senior executives can often find themselves in need of sharing important, potentially time-critical information with directors. Having confidence that technical support is available helps to lessen this load.

Diligent’s hosted solutions are monitored and supported around the clock, meaning issues can be tackled on the spot by our specialists.

  1. Supports mobility and diverse user environments

Non-executive directors use devices and computers that sit outside the perimeter of their organizations’ standard business systems and networks.

While IT teams are experts in their own internal environments, they can also be considered as having an opportunity.

Most directors use iPads or other devices to access board and committee information, meaning that mobility is essential.

Diligent has been designed for use on the go and in the office. It’s system-agnostic, it works on Apple and Android devices, giving directors maximum choice. That’s what they do. Benefits company secretaries and their teams.

If directors and their devices are not based on the premises, having an on-premises solution just does not stack up.

  1. Protects your highly sensitive information

Organizations’ most sensitive strategic, commercial and risk-related information. Protecting it from loss or theft is essential and takes constant vigilance as cyber threats increase.

Security is only as strong as its weakest link. That’s why we apply robust measures such as sophisticated two-way encryption and physical security access keys. It is up-to-date and effective. We are ISO 27001 certified and conduct regular vulnerability scanning and penetration testing.

Diligent’s access controls are specifically designed for directors and governance professionals. Organizational security at individual user or document level, adding extra protection to the most confidential matters.

Vendor hosting can therefore be considered as an effective part of your data recovery plan, keeping the organization’s critical information safe from loss.

Superior solutions, satisfied customers

Vendor-hosted solutions rely on customers’ ongoing satisfaction. The subscription-based model means that people are not happy, it’s easy for them to take their business elsewhere. At Diligent, we’re proud of our customer retention. Our solutions are used by more than 12,000 organizations worldwide, with an industry-leading retention rate of 98.8%.

To find out more or to see Diligent’s corporate governance technology in action, contact us at or request a demonstration .

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