Board Meeting Minutes Software

Enhance your minute taking with Diligent Minutes, a tool that is integrated with Diligent Boards™ and enables you to take board meeting minutes more efficiently. You will also be able to easily assign action items, all within a secure ecosystem

Board Meeting Minutes Made Easy

Diligent Minutes is a critical component of Governance Cloud, Diligent’s ecosystem of enterprise management software that allows for end-to-end governance management. Minute taking is mandatory in board meetings, but the process is usually manual, insecure, or both. Minutes is a board meeting minute taking and action item management solution built seamlessly into Diligent’s board management software.

Diligent Minutes provides a tailored solution that effectively uses the data already in Diligent Boards™ to make minute taking easier than ever. Meeting dates, lists of attendees and meeting topics are added to the minutes document automatically. Action items can be added with just a few clicks, and assigned and monitored during or after the meeting. When minutes are completed, they can be pulled right into your next Diligent Boards™ meeting book for discussion and approval by your board of directors.

Board Meeting Minutes Software

Diligent Minutes is built for the board administrator to streamline their minute taking before, during and after the meeting, and it allows them to easily assign actions and notify the board of directors:

  • Create Meeting Minutes

    Create minutes from scratch or start from an existing book and have lists of attendees, dates and meeting topics added automatically to the minutes template

  • Add and Assign Action Items

    Assign notes as a list to edit or monitor and quickly send action notifications to the chairman, other directors and assignees via email

  • Export Capabilities

    Export minutes to Microsoft Word and bring them back in to your next meeting for secure discussion and approval

  • Directors Will Never Miss an Action Item

    Board administrators will be able to use Diligent Minutes to send prompts and notifications of assigned actions directly to directors

For maximum dependability and performance, Diligent D&O Questionnaires is backed by 24/7/365 “white glove” customer service and internationally audited, ISO, TRUSTe, and FIPS-certified IT security.