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ESG Reporting Technology to Turn Insights Into Actions

Diligent ESG is an agile, purpose-built platform, and nexus for ESG data from diverse sources to support goal setting, risk monitoring, GHG measurement and stakeholder reporting, including to the board of directors and investors.

Report Authoring with Diligent ESG

Collaborate — Integrate — Accelerate

  • What Does Diligent ESG Do?

    Diligent ESG is a cloud based, purpose-built ESG and Sustainability software solution. At it's core, Diligent ESG provides elegant solutions data capture, validation and reporting, global emissions calculations and conversion. Additional modules, such as Report Authoring, enable sustainability reporting, global emissions calculations and conversions. They alsi enable sustainability report curation, supplier surveys, and ESG investor questionnaire response composition, all on a single, secure, easy to use global platform.

The Total Economic Impact of Diligent ESG

Diligent commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying Diligent ESG. Key results on the impact of Diligent ESG include:

  • ROI and NPV

    167% ROI and $301K NPV over three years

  • Auditing Costs

    50% cost reduction in auditing costs related to emissions reporting

  • Collecting Emissions Data

    60-80% time savings when collecting, validating and sharing emissions data

  • Creating Emissions Reports

    20-40% reduction in time for creating and filing emissions reports

  • Investor Trust and Reputation

    Improvement of investor trust and marketplace reputation through improved quality and consistency in reporting, aggregation and collection of ESG data

A Buyer's Guide to ESG Data Management Software

ESG is now unquestionably a priority on every board agenda. At the same time, the issues, regulations and disclosure requirements surrounding it have become more complex than ever. With shareholders, investors and employees alike demanding action on ESG goals and initiatives, boards must ensure that they have the right tools in place to steer an ESG strategy from creation to completion.

  • A Buyer’s Guide to ESG Data Management Software

    In this buyer's guide, we explore what a market-leading ESG solution should look like and highlight the key areas organizations should be prioritizing as they embark on their search, Download now to find out what questions you should be asking ' and the answers you should expect to receive.

  • Flexibility Data collection

  • Monitoring and reporting

  • Specialized functionality in climate/sustainability and executive compensation