5 Ways Board Software Can Stop Good Governance

About The Webinar

Board members have an extremely challenging job, and one that is only growing in complexity as regulatory and economic landscapes evolve. To be able to perform this job, directors need to be supported with the right tools, use those tools in the right way, and ensure confidential materials are handled appropriately and kept secure. Technology continues to adapt to meet these needs – but if the wrong tool is chosen, or even if the right tool is used in the wrong way, these technological solutions can end up hindering good governance. Meanwhile, directors also want convenience. Good governance technology must be as simple to use as possible – anything else would take the director’s focus away from leading their organisation.

We’ll discuss topics such as:

  • How document control can be misconfigured, eliminating accountability
  • Ways access control and permissions can be mishandled, weakening security
  • Securing director communications and stopping inadvertent leaks
  • Ensuring board members aren’t inadvertently increasing cyber risk for the sake of convenience
  • Using technology tools to solve governance issues – not aggravate them

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