UK Business Email Is Not Secure: There Are Secure Alternatives

UK businesses suffer more attacks from dangerous email than those of any other country, research shows. This is because of the country’s financial wealth and the importance of the financial sector. Phishing emails constitute the worst danger, and they are also the hardest to detect.  Diligent Messenger provides the highest level of security for email. All data is safeguarded. Messages sent using Diligent Messenger are protected by best-in-class security infrastructure and encryption.  Diligent is ISO 27001 certified – the gold standard for information security. Diligent Messenger not only assures security, but also improves email communication, providing a higher level of productivity.

UK gets most malicious email

Email is critical for UK business – as in other countries – but businesses in the UK are at greater threat than others.

Businesses in the UK receive more malicious email than those in other countries, according to research by security firm Proofpoint. Phishing and other types of fraud predominate, as seemingly ordinary email with suspicious links gets through security.  Proofpoint has discovered something unexpected about the flood of spam sent to users in the UK – more of these emails seem to contain malicious links than for other countries.

The UK showed 2.6 times as much malicious email as the US, and between three and five times as much as France or Germany, the Proofpoint study showed.

This is because the UK is wealthier, with more private wealth than most countries, and because its financial sector is so important (it accounts for nearly 8 per cent of GDP).

“The attacks are clearly financially motivated. In the case of financial, vs. political or espionage-related attacks, we’ve historically seen higher volumes of attacks targeted at regions that generate more success for the attackers because that’s where the money is,” said Proofpoint vice president of advanced security and governance, Kevin Epstein.

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“Relative to other countries in this report, this is a startlingly high number of targeted attacks against the UK. Given the financial motivations of the attacks, this strongly suggests cybercriminals have found UK organisations to be an unusually lucrative target,” Epstein added.

Businesses are vulnerable to attack

Many organisations think their current email security systems are up to the task of protecting them. However, if an organisation hasn’t reviewed its approach to email security within the last 18 months, it is likely vulnerable to attack, according to security experts at Mimecast.

Mimecast testing to date has covered 23,744 email users over a cumulative 153 days of inbound email received into the organisations participating in the testing, and more than 26 million emails were inspected by the Mimecast service. These emails had all passed through the incumbent email security vendor or cloud email service in use by each organisation.

However, Mimecast found millions of missed email threats had gotten through these incumbent security systems. Mimecast uncovered almost 3.5 million pieces of spam, 6,681 dangerous file types, 1,207 known and 421 unknown malware attachments, and 1,697 impersonation attacks.

Phishing is greatest threat

The average 10,000-employee company spends $3.7 million a year dealing with phishing attacks, according to a new report from the Ponemon Institute.

The report, which surveyed 377 IT professionals in companies ranging in size from fewer than 100 to more than 75,000 employees, showed that about half of the costs were due to productivity losses.

The average employee wastes 4.16 hours a year on phishing scams.

In addition, 27 per cent of the costs was the risk of having to respond to a data breach caused by a compromised credential, 10 per cent was the direct cost of addressing compromised credentials, 9 per cent was the risk of a data breach caused by malware, and the remaining 6 per cent were the direct costs of containing malware.

One of the challenges is that phishing attacks have become harder to detect, according to Chandra McMahon, Chief Information Security Officer for military technology giant Lockheed Martin. “Phishing attacks targeted at its employee’s emails continuously try to imitate emails and websites of organisations, which its workers visit on regular basis,” she explained. This means that it is very easy for an employee to click on a bad link, with dire consequences.

Employees must begin to think before they click, warned Peter Toren, Former Justice Department Computer Crimes Prosecutor. Toren said that he has not come across any company sacking someone for launching malware into the company’s network by clicking a link. However, it may happen soon, as making an example of a careless employee might convey the message best.

Diligent Messenger provides highest level of security for communications

Diligent Messenger not only improves email communication, but it also assures security.

It boosts board productivity. The split-screen view capability of Messenger allows user to connect instantly to other users while reviewing confidential materials.

It allows for group messaging and attachment sends, and enables sharing documents with colleagues in real time for faster and easier board collaboration. Share and comment on new resolutions in real time. When users can discreetly and securely discuss resolutions outside the office, time is saved at meetings and in the workplace.

Messages can be retained or deleted depending on the retention rules enforced by your organisation.

All data is safeguarded. Messages sent using Messenger are protected by the same best-in-class security infrastructure and encryption as Boards. Diligent is ISO 27001 certified – the gold standard for information security.

Messages can be retracted. Messenger features an undo function for retraction of errant messages.

Messages are tightly contained. Because users are only authenticated to your Boards and Messenger site, you control the potential recipients of communications.

Share documents with select colleagues in real time for faster and easier workplace collaboration. Share and comment on new documents in real time. Diligent’s award-winning customer success organisation comprises over 70 individuals who collectively speak more than six languages. Each of Diligent’s clients is assigned a dedicated team of Customer Success Managers.

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