The Need: the right information at the right time

For a director preparing for a board meeting, information must be delivered in a format that can be easily reviewed, digested quickly, without sacrificing important details and easily searched and referenced during discussions. For an administrator, board meeting document management needs to support quick and easy book production and on-the-fly updates.

The Answer: seamless assembly and collaboration

An ideal board document management solution must be available across multiple devices. It must be secure, with encryption and protocols that reflect the latest best practices in cybersecurity. Most of all, it must make the cumbersome, time-intensive process of board meeting document management and preparation simple, efficient and effective.

For administrators, this means getting the latest relevant information – with pages often numbering into the thousands – into directors’ hands with great speed and no disruption.

For directors, this means having decision-making data at their fingertips, with quick links to supporting materials and the seamless ability to annotate and discuss.

A solution that streamlines the process

Informed by our work with corporate, not-for-profit and government boards worldwide and more than 140,000 users, Diligent developed Diligent Boards. This industry-leading portal for board document management delivers secure document sharing, real-time collaboration and easily searchable archives through one intuitive, online tool.