Board and Leadership Collaboration Package

Diligent's new package provides a growth trajectory on the path to good governance and bundles products and features that support the evolution of forward-looking boards and leadership teams.

Upgrade to a Modern Governance Platform

As an existing Diligent customer, you have a unique opportunity to upgrade your solution to provide even more value to your organisation. With the Board & Leadership Collaboration package, you get access to Diligent Boards, the modules you're already using, and extra features! With huge benefits for you, your procurement team, and your finance team, take the first step to consolidate your governance technology costs into one, simple package bundle providing huge cost efficiencies.

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Unlimited Everything

Seamlessly manage end-to-end process from pre-meeting document to delivery of information to the executive team to the approval of minutes.

Simplified Billing

Consolidate your governance technology costs with one, simple package bundle whilst providing extra value to your organisation with just one invoice.


Board & Leadership Collaboration Enables Organisations to Achieve Key Outcomes

With Diligent’s Board & Leadership Collaboration solution, organisations will find everything they need to drive digitisation and operational excellence for board, committee, and executive meetings.

Board and Committee Effectiveness

Ensure board and committee meetings are secure, efficient, and engaging whilst empowering directors and executives with the right data & intelligence tools. Streamline the minute-taking, board evaluation and Declarations process with Diligent's integrated, industry-leading boardroom solutions.

Workflow Optimisation and Efficiency

Realise efficiencies by moving physical processes to the cloud. Integrations with Office 365 and governance-specific workflows enable operational agility without sacrificing security.

Security Risk Mitigation

Increase organisational cybersecurity risk visbility and protect confidential data at rest, in transit and in use with a secure messaging platform.

Analytics to Drive Decision Making

Arm leadership with real-time information about your industry and organisation, from cyber-risk scores to peer benchmarking and board composition, to help them guide and defend decision making with confidence.
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Upgrade to the Board & Leadership Collaboration Package

Digitally transform your governance practice with the world's first Modern Governance Platform.