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Align Compensation to Stakeholder Expectations

Executive compensation planning should reflect the issues of the world today – and the potential issues still to come.

  • Benchmark executive compensation practices across peer groups, industries and regions
  • Access exclusive Glass Lewis executive compensation models
  • Make the best possible decisions for shareholder returns

Align your plans to stakeholder expectations with Compensation & Governance Intel from Diligent.

Monitor Peers & Performance

A truly successful organisation doesn’t just know what’s going on within its own walls. It needs to know what’s going on outside them too. Benchmark and compare your own executive compensation practices across peer groups, industries and regions.

  • Generate your own peer groups and perform an in-depth pay-for-performance analysis against a wide variety of performance metrics
  • Gain insight into how you are viewed through the eyes of shareholders, proxy advisors and potential activists
  • Utilise the Disclosure Search tool to search and filter millions of data points across public disclosures

Get Exclusive Glass Lewis Access

Design executive compensation plans that support stakeholder interests, align with ESG and DEI metrics, and attract and retain the right talent through Diligent’s exclusive partnership with Glass Lewis.
  • Make more confident executive compensation decisions by running executive compensation and peer group models in the same way as performed by Glass Lewis
  • Build different peer group scenarios to see how you’re positioned in relation to those most relevant to you
  • Gain access to up-to-date Glass Lewis peer groups, including any changes that are made during the year
Take Control of Executive Compensation
Stay competitive with peers and your industry. Align with stakeholder expectations.
See Compensation & Governance Intel from Diligent in action.


Data-Based Decisions at Randstad

"Going into the next AGM, we are ready to talk with data rather than just words. We want to be proactive rather than reactive, and explain our choices upfront rather than counter criticisms with assumptions."

Ronald Kliphuis

Global Head of Rewards, Randstad

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