Conflict of Interest Questionnaires

As part of the Governance Cloud ecosystem, Diligent Conflict of Interest Questionnaires moves reporting online, eliminating the time and resource-intensive process of assembling binders, mailing information that may require last-minute updates, and waiting for days, possibly weeks for the return of signed packets.

Informed by our work with leading boards and 145,000-plus executives worldwide, these questionnaires channel all of your Conflict of Interest compliance data into one convenient, secure online place, in real time. Easy to customise, administer, and use, Diligent Conflict of Interest Questionnaires save time, minimise errors, and deliver a more streamlined process for everyone.


Question Types

Diligent Conflict of Interest Questionnaires accommodates a full range of question types:

For Directors

To put supporting data at board members’ fingertips, and make the questionnaire completion process swifter and easier, administrators can link questions to additional information and create appendices.

For Administrators

Diligent created our Conflict of Interest questionnaires with administrative ease in mind as well. With Diligent Conflict of Interest Questionnaires, busy executive admins and general counsel will:

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For maximum dependability and performance, Diligent Conflict of Interest Questionnaires is backed by 24/7/365 “white glove” customer service and internationally audited, ISO, TRUSTe, and FIPS-certified IT security.