General Counsel

Technology for staying ahead of the issues

In all matters of cyber-risk, compliance, strategy and beyond, Diligent’s board management portal keeps general counsels and other legal professionals apprised of challenges and opportunities with:

• A one-stop, online sightline into governance data: agendas, documents, communications and more
• Secure, intuitive features for sharing information – including late-breaking updates – before, during and between meetings
• Customisable questionnaires, with built-in analysis, to survey opinions on issues from executive compensation to long-term corporate direction

Tools that keep leaders on task

A well-prepared, seamlessly functioning board gives organisations power and general counsels peace of mind. Diligent puts easy-to-use capabilities in directors’ hands to:

• Access important documents from any point in the board’s history from any device quickly and securely
• Debate and communicate as issues unfold via Diligent Messenger and real-time annotations and collaboration
• View the information relevant to their role with customisable document access

Diligent products are all backed up by industry-leading security and award-winning 24/7/365 customer support.



Andbank used Diligent Boards to increase their efficieny and ensure that their board data is safe and secure.



See how Standard Life seamlessly integrated Diligent into daily business and saved the team a full day’s work.