Public and Private Corporations

Information and collaboration in real time

Leaders need corporate governance tools that keeps them on top of the issues and in touch with each other. Diligent delivers this through one intuitive, customisable and secure board portal that saves time and boosts productivity:

• Prepare for meetings and discussions across multiple devices, with the support of our "white glove” customer service should any problems arise
• Securely share and collaborate on confidential materials, such as M&A documents
• Create and publish questionaires to enable swift, regular assessments of culture, policies, leadership and processes.
• Rally on pending regulations at a moment’s notice, across continents

Our robust collaboration information sharing tools are informed by our work with thousands of boards worldwide – designed to help leaders make the most informed decisions possible.

Security you can trust

Emails and attachments for sensitive communications can present inexcusable security risks. Diligent Messenger closes the communications loop with secure messaging that works like a text messaging app. All of Diligent solutions are ISO and TRUSTe-certified and audited internationally, with robust customisable encryption and data access.

Streamlined evaluations and reporting

Regular assessments of culture, policies, leadership and processes are essential to board performance. Diligent Evaluations can help you to capture valuable insights swiftly and easily, so your directors and officers can put them to work for your board – and company – at their desired speed.



Andbank used Diligent Boards to increase their efficieny and ensure that their board data is safe and secure.



See how Standard Life seamlessly integrated Diligent into daily business and saved the team a full day’s work.

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