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Creativity In A Crisis: A Boardroom Map For Innovation

A Whitepaper produced by Board Agenda in association with Diligent

About the Whitepaper

In the uncertain times at the height of any crisis, business leaders need to demonstrate their agility and ability to adapt to new, unrecognisable environments. Board directors will play a key role in enabling this spirit of leadership, not just through securing the business but empowering a platform for innovation beyond which the business not only survives but thrives.

Diligent, the leading global board portal software provider, has teamed up with Board Agenda to provide a roadmap that focuses on the importance of innovation within the continuity and recovery process, providing both clear insight and actionable advice.

With this Whitepaper you will gain actionable insights about:

  • Innovation & crisis management
  • Fostering a culture of innovation
  • Innovation & emerging technologies
  • Agile leadership & the board
  • Innovation & long-term corporate value

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About Diligent: The #1 leader in governance, Diligent’s suite of products and resources provide the full range of governance needs for companies of any size. Corporate governance facilities how organisations are controlled and directed and good governance starts in the boardroom – tackling issues like cybersecurity, activism, innovation/disruption, diversity and crisis response. Diligent’s technical tools drive smart governance that delivers long-term success and sustainability.

About Board Agenda: Board Agenda is a progressive business journal and information resource with an editorial mission to equip senior corporate directors as they face an evolving and increasingly complex set of strategic, governance and compliance challenges. www.boardagenda.com