Secure Communication

In today’s environment which is littered with increasingly complex compliance regulations and concerns around cybersecurity boards cannot afford to conduct their boardroom communications without the best security available.

The Need: protection that supports productivity

For busy directors on the go, personal and corporate email accounts are a convenient way to send messages and share information. They’re already loaded onto a smartphone, laptop or tablet and their ease of use is second nature.

Yet these channels of communication lack the rigorous protections sensitive board communications demand.

If data isn’t encrypted properly, a hack can expose this information to the world, threatening reputation and share/stock prices. An email address error can leak confidential data – with potentially catastrophic legal repercussions for the organisation and the directors themselves. Even the savviest directors may be vulnerable to a sophisticated password hack or phishing attack.

The Answer: safeguards that don’t slow directors down

How can directors fulfil their increasingly complex and collaborative fiduciary responsibilities without putting valuable data, the organisation and themselves at risk? Through a communications solution that achieves the best of both worlds: security and simplicity.

This solution must meet the highest international standards, including industry-specific ones like HIPAA, using industry best practices for data encryption, controlling system access and dealing with compromised devices. Your board solution needs to integrate seamlessly with other board applications and be hassle free for the IT department.

At the same time, this solution must accommodate the real-time exchange of ideas and information while being easy to learn and use – avoiding the temptation of risky workarounds.