Board Succession Planning

Access critical information for good governance oversight

Analytics for good corporate governance

With the spotlight on issues surrounding boardroom diversity and composition, access to data and analytics to spot opportunities and improve your board is now more important than ever before. Leveraging the same information that proxy advisors, shareholders and potential activist investors rely on is critical to good governance practices.

Diligent’s Nomination and Governance application provides the largest global governance data set for boards to stay up to date, identify opportunities, board succession planning and reduce governance risks – and is integrated directly into your Diligent platform. Nomination and Governance committees can gain instant insights into their board’s composition, benchmark against competitors, and support their executive search firm to identify potential candidates. All in just a few clicks.

Empower your Board of Directors

Access a wealth of global data and empower your company

  • Search and connect with over 125,000 profiles

    Access the most difficult to reach C-level executives with detailed biographies of 125,000+ directors and executives. Find the best-quality prospects to complement your succession planning, with granular filter options including experience, demographics, region, sector and discipline.

  • Intelligent board oversight

    Mitigate governance risk by instantly performing a health check of your board’s composition and effectiveness compared to peers. View a detailed breakdown of contributing factors to a board’s effectiveness, including gender and age diversity, director interlocks and over boarding.

  • Board skills and expertise insights

    View your board’s skills and expertise matrix to gain insights of their combined strengths and weaknesses. View in detail by individual director or compare your organisation’s expertise against your peers.

  • Director interlocks

    Analyse director interlocks by individual or company, with highlights to indicate overlapping directorships, seats on competing boards and seats on FATF listed companies.

  • Shortest path to connect

    Find the shortest path to connect and the degrees of separation to an individual via organisations or people.

  • Extensive data coverage

    Search and access the information of 5,500+ companies, across 24 global markets and 40 indexes.

Identify board opportunities and reduce governance risks with unique insights, real-time data and governance tools at your fingertips.

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