Digital Transformation, the path to Modern Governance

Today’s world is digital-first. Successful organisations embrace technology and harness the power of data driving efficiencies and mitigating risk through greater strategic insight across all levels of the business. By embracing digital tools, modern boards will reap the benefits and become more agile, adaptable, secure and effective.

The Benefits of Digital Transformation

A culture of strong digital governance lays the foundations for continued growth and success. The digitisation of your company and board practices will have a significant long-term impact in these key areas:

Increased Efficiency

For directors serving on one or multiple boards, digitally transforming board practices brings both better organisation and greater conveniences.
  • Receive real-time updates across devices from anywhere
  • Ensure meeting time is devoted to rich discussions and critical informed decisions are made​
  • Make critical decisions based on the most relevant and up-to date facts, delivered in real-time​

Mitigating Cyber Risk

Most publicly available collaboration tools are not designed for sharing confidential information. By contrast, a digital governance solution should offer boards cutting-edge cyber security and system management, such as:
  • At least 256-bit encryption at rest, in transit and on users’ devices
  • Regular vulnerability scanning of the infrastructure, automated security scanning of the service, and application and network penetration testing
  • A provider that has experienced no known data breaches

Improved Crisis Response

A board with the tools to improve their visibility and distribute information more quickly, easily and safely is in a much stronger position when facing a crisis. A centralised digital solution allows Boards to:
  • Collaborate securely with other board members and, if needed, the C-suite or external partners​
  • Establish control and set permissions on who can view certain information, and provide a unified view across entities and departments
  • Receive all the information they need in order to make fast decisions in the event of a crisis

Digital Transformation Resources

Why Now Is the Time for Boards to Digitise

A reliance on legacy processes opens boards up to inefficiency and risk. Digitization is integral to thriving. In this white paper, we delve deep into:

  • The risks of paper and legacy processes
  • The benefits of a digital solution
  • What boards should look for when seeking out a digital solution
Download the white paper today and find out more!

Download the whitepaper

Adapting your board to the digital age

Watch the replay of the webinar from Diligent in partnership with Board Agenda to hear from experts on board leadership, governance and digital transformation about:

  • What boards need to know about digital transformation and its impact on company performance
  • What are the competencies and behaviours needed to lead successfully in a digital age
  • The key steps a board should take to steer a company towards a digital future

Watch the replay now!

Technology adoption drives culture change and Resiliency

Boardroom technology, which has made remote decision-making possible, will continue to evolve and drive capability in boards that require agility. But this also raises understandable questions and concerns around risk that need addressing:

  • How can boards ensure data security and compliance?
  • ow can boards ensure remote access networks are not vulnerable to attack and that sensitive corporate information is seen on an “eyes only” basis?
  • What will they change to improve boardroom decision-making and governance in the future?

Read the report today!

Building effective boards through technology

This webinar focuses on the effect digitalisation has on board effectiveness, on the key role it has played in enabling virtual boards to function, and the part it will play in supporting leadership teams as they navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead, as economies and society emerge from Covid-19.

  • The critical role of information access; how to ensure intelligence on the right issues is shared among board members.
  • The effect of technology has on board oversight of corporate culture, sustainability, investor relations and reputation management.
  • How technology can drive more effective external and self-evaluation board reviews.

Watch the replay today and find our more!

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