Drive efficiency & Reduce risk

A culture of strong digital governance sets the foundations for continued growth and success. The digitization of board practices will have a significant impact in these key areas
  • Increased efficiency
  • Improving decision-making and enhancing visibility
  • Mitigating cyber risk​

The Benefits of Digital Transformation for the key governance professionals

In today’s business environment, an effective board must have the right tools to make the right decisions. The ability to swiftly pivot, consider all potential ramifications of a decision and respond anytime and from anywhere is crucial.

Corporate Secretary

Digitisation of governance makes it easier and faster to prepare and organise meetings, take minutes, make yearly evaluations and manage risk and legal liability.
  • Prepare and and distribute board materials in a secure environment​
  • Simplify managing agendas, annotations, documents, discussions and board meeting minutes
  • Ensure Directors have access to all the information they need to make better decisions​

Board Directors and Executive teams

Confidently disclose ESG data required by regulators.​
  • Make critical decisions based on the most relevant and up-to date facts, delivered in real time
  • Benefit from the security and collaboration abilities of a digital solution
  • Store all board-related information in one secure location​​ which you can always reference to compare past data


The CIO/CISO can rest assured that confidential information from the leadership teams is stored in a secure environment.
  • Ensure all sensible documents are at least 256-bit encryption at rest, in transit and on users’ devices, with strong security key management​
  • Guarantee that the chosen provider has a history of clean annual SOC-2/SSAE 18 audits and ISO 27001 certifications for security​​​
  • Count with the ability to remotely remove access or wipe clean documents in the event of a lost device​​​

What to Look for in a Digital Solution

From board meeting preparation and boardroom record-taking to proper board communication practices and around-the-clock support, a gold standard governance solution will empower an organisation to adapt to any challenge, crisis or opportunity with agility and strategic acumen. The right digital platform should include the following:

A centralized platform for boards

The chosen solution should allow for secure access to board materials, bulk uploads of important documents, online and offline document sharing, digitized voting and eSignature integration

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A streamlined messaging system

A secure messaging platform should convey information quickly, easily and without risk, allowing for collaboration and sharing even in the event of a crisis.

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Board Evaluation and Minute-Taking toold

When the solution to digitalise the Board includes a board evaluation tool, Board administrators and directors can manage and analyse board assessments and performance more efficiently. A Minute-taking solution enables governance professionals to easily take minutes and circulate them for board approva

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A fully secure file-sharing solution

Governance professionals will be able to safeguard sensitive information and collect Board materials eliminating the need to hunt across hard drives, email systems and applications. ​

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