Achieve Your ESG Goals​

Centralise the data you need to set and surpass your ESG goals.​
  • Monitor and act on current and future ESG risks​
  • Gain clarity on evolving regulations, requirements and liabilities​
  • Foster collaboration among stakeholders throughout your organisation​

Effective ESG Governance​

Streamlined Data Collection​

Seamlessly collect and track your company’s ESG data.​
  • Map your data against standards including SASB, WEF, GRI, TCFD and CDP, or your own benchmarks​
  • Use automation, workflows and reminders to pull data from across your organisation​
  • Enable real-time stakeholder reporting​

Be Ready for Regulation​

Confidently disclose ESG data required by regulators.​
  • Collect comprehensive data to withstand the scrutiny of internal and external audit
  • Instantly see where the gaps are in your data collection when loading new regulatory disclosure frameworks​​
  • Engage suppliers in collecting downstream data​​

Continuous Monitoring & Improvement​

Stay alert to the latest changes and adjust your ESG strategy accordingly.​
  • Leverage AI to monitor your ESG reputation using news analytics​
  • Measure your ESG performance against peers to understand where you lead and where you may be behind​​​
  • Use automation to monitor progress toward ESG goals, so you can address obstacles quickly​​​

ESG Standard Mappings & Benchmarking​

Stay Ahead on ESG
Benchmark your ESG program against your competitors while avoiding unnecessary duplication. Map across multiple standards – including WEF, TCFD, CDP, GRI and SASB – and your organisation's benchmarks.

Explore Standards & Benchmarking​

ESG Automation & Data Pre-Population​

Automate ESG Monitoring & Notifications​
Keep a close eye on ESG metrics with robotic process monitoring and automatic notifications to alert the right owners when red flags arise. Prepopulate ESG assessments with existing data to make the process more efficient.​

Explore Automation & Data Pre-Population​

Dynamic Reporting & Platform Integration​

Streamline ESG Reporting & Integration​
Simplify reporting with tailored, configurable dashboards and one-click reports. Get greater insights and a holistic view by managing ESG in the same platform as other governance, risk and compliance programs.​

Explore Dynamic Reporting & Platform Integration​

Sustainability & Energy Data Collection​

Instantly Generate Sustainability & Carbon Reports​
Easily monitor emissions against global voluntary and mandatory carbon and sustainability reporting schemes. Tailored dashboards and reports enable auditable data collection, cleansing, analysis and reporting across 2,000+ fuels and business activities, and across all GHG Scope 1, 2, 3, CSR and supply chain data sources.​​ ​

Explore Sustainability & Energy Data Collection

Make Measurable Progress on ESG Goals​

Lead the way on ESG with streamlined data collection, specialised dashboards and auditable reports. See Diligent ESG in action today.​

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Effectively Drive & Track ESG Progress ​

“Many of the metrics and governance mechanisms that you need for a strong ESG program often inherently live in a modern GRC program, including the technology and tools that I think are really the backbone for effectively driving and tracking against your progress.”​
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Megan Belcher​
Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, Scoular​