November 18 2021  11am EST / 4pm GMT

The Future of GRC Part III:
Devising an Effective ESG Roadmap


Organizations are increasingly adopting strategies for “ESG” (environment, social, governance) as they look to create value beyond their shareholder base. However, ESG principles can be hard to implement in practice — and even harder to measure progress.

Now more than ever, a considered approach to ESG is essential for organizations of all sizes. ESG permeates organizations at every level and remains at the top of the agenda for an array of interested (and invested)

Yet there are challenges. The data collection is nuanced; systems of record were not built with ESG in mind. Developing a culture of continuous improvement is no longer "nice to have" but an imperative, and auditability across the multiple ways organization’s report on and disclose ESG initiatives is possible the biggest challenge of today.

Operationalizing ESG principles is a journey, and the commitment starts with the board. In this webinar, we assess the current state of ESG planning and activity, how your peers are addressing reporting requirements, and offer next steps for boards that are wondering where to start.