Inside Europe’s Boardrooms

Episodes for Board Members & Governance Professionals

Inside Europe’s Boardrooms is a web show for board members, general counsels, and corporate secretaries. Hosted by TK Kerstetter, this 10-minute program airs periodically to cover best practices for today’s corporate boards and committees. Our related programs include: Inside America’s Boardrooms and Inside Australia’s Boardrooms.

The UK Corporate Governance Code: Advancements & Potential Burdens

In this episode, David Tyler discusses the advancements allowed by the UK Corporate Governance Code and debates potential burdens.

Trends in Dutch Boardrooms

In this episode, Philip Willems talks to high-level trends in today’s Dutch boardrooms. Are boards keeping up with the pace of change?

What Boards Can Learn From the World Economic Forum

In this episode, Cristiana Falcone explains what lessons boards can learn from the discussions and research originating from the World Economic Forum.

Geopolitical Risk: The Board’s Role in Oversight

In this episode, Richard Fenning explains how boards can improve their visibility across the geopolitical landscape. He also underscores the dangers of complacency in this area.

What Public Company Board Members Can Learn from Private Equity

In this episode, Colin Low compares the styles of public and private equity boards. What can public company board members learn from private equity?

Tips for Improving the Board’s Governance, Risk & Compliance Programs

In this episode, Maria Dolores Pescador outlines tips for boards across all three areas: governance, risk and compliance.

The Board’s Role in Overseeing Digital Transformation & IT Leadership

In this episode, Emmet Keeffe explains how today’s directors should be thinking about digital strategy, risk and leadership.

How Well Does Your Board Balance Culture, Risk and Innovation?

In this episode, Andy Green frames the culture challenge in today’s boardrooms. What are the challenges to overseeing corporate culture?

What's the Role of the Senior Independent Director?

In this episode, Orna NiChionna frames the responsibilities of today’s senior independent directors.

How Chief Human Resource Officers Can Drive Value in the Boardroom

In this episode, Hein Knaapen draws from his experience on both sides of the table to discuss how CHROs add value in today’s boardrooms.

ESG & Proxy Advisors: Comparative Perspectives Between US and Europe

In this episode, Jonathan Nelson draws a comparison between the U.S. and the European investor landscape.

Three Important Skills to Be an Effective Audit Committee Chair

In this episode, Helen Weir draws on her experience chairing various audit committees to answer common questions.

How Today’s Boards Can Avoid the Dangers of Groupthink

In this episode, David Tyler outlines three reasons why board diversity is so important—particularly in light of recent corporate crises and governance failures. Tyler also touches on the role of the board chair in driving diversity of all kinds in today’s boardrooms.