Advanced Governance Analytics

Powering forward thinking modern governance practices

Diligent’s Advanced Governance Analytics solutions help organizations identify and manage risk, inform key decisions, improve stakeholder relationships, and become more innovative and forward thinking than their peers. Stay one step ahead and become a forward-thinking, innovative organization with Board Success Planning, Executive Compensation Analysis, Board Diversity & Composition Insights, Content Aggregation, and Boardroom effectiveness.


Advanced Governance Analytics Solution

Our Advanced Governance Analytics solution enables organizations to achieve key outcomes:

  • Better identification and response to arising challenges
  • Diverse and skillful leadership
  • Stronger stakeholder relationships
  • More informed executive compensation plans
  • Innovative, forward thinking ideas

This solution is available within the Enterprise package to help your organization put best-in-class governance practices at the forefront.


Top tier organizations improve stakeholder relationships, make better decisions, and become more innovative over time – staying one step ahead of others and being on the cutting edge of what’s to come.


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