Board and Committee Effectiveness

See how leaders are optimizing governance practices to ensure efficiency, transparency and accountability across their organization.

Board Meeting Management


  • Automate and simplify ongoing board responsibilities and processes like board books, minutes, agenda approvals, and D&O so you can save time and money.
  • Migrate your physical documents into a secure digital environment.
  • Easily access the world’s largest and most diverse network of 700,000 CEOs, board directors and executives so you can drive diversity on your board and management team.

Secure Delivery & Communication


  • Establish a direct line of communication to your board and leadership so you can cut through the noise.
  • Limit risk exposure from email with foolproof delivery only to intended recipients and view-only attachments.
  • Accessing all relevant communications in one place in the event of litigation, preventing the need to provide access to personal or unrelated content.

Virtual Governance


  • Enhance self-assessment for directors to improve board alignment around key issues, reveal gaps in composition, and strengthen the effectiveness of the board’s procedures and practices.
  • Optimize governance-specific workflows and enable operational agility without sacrificing security.
  • Ensure your audit committee fully understands the board composition and can identify emerging, critical areas for expertise, like IT controls and cyber risk.

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As stewards of modern governance, these leaders are helping turn best practices into standard operating procedure.

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We expected Diligent to save us time but weren’t prepared for how significant the time saving turned out to be. [It] equates to a saving of around a month each year.

Adrian BushnellCompany Secretary, Ladbrokes

So many wonderful things have come from it. More efficiencies with our processes. The way we approach preparations for meetings. The way we go about managing our meetings. The way we go about running our committees. And it's just been a great product to use.

Matt MullerLegal Operations Manager and Corporate Secretary, Farm Credit Mid America

Having Diligent in place means that as a Company Secretary I can be so much more responsive to directors, giving them easy access to the information they need for strategic decision making.

Tim GeorgeCompany Secretary, Dignity plc

Become a Modern Governance Leader

Learn how you can better enable modern governance across your organization.