Diligent Data Room

Quickly enable a completely secure and controlled collaboration environment to facilitate ongoing board-level governance and private corporate initiatives.

Diligent Data Room: It’s not just for deals

To govern effectively, executive management teams must be able to collect, segregate and leverage sensitive information. They need complete control over access to data on a need-to-know basis, but once that’s granted, the process of working with the material and collaborating with colleagues needs to be flexible and seamless.

While boards and M&A teams have long used this “deal room” model, cloud technology has evolved to cost-effectively support continuous private deal room applications on-demand in multiple areas, including not only M&A and board governance, but also secure file sharing outside the corporate firewall, crisis management, R&D, supply chain, legal and other applications.


The use of “deal rooms” by investment bankers and corporate development teams involved in due diligence and deal-related activities predates the availability of digital solutions to secure and simplify the process. Deal rooms have persisted into the digital age because the concept works. Now called virtual data rooms, they are much more powerful and flexible that their predecessors.

  • Access and Controls

    Teams in motion, with no time to spare, needing to set up a totally secure virtual data room immediately, with granular, file-level restricted access, file encryption, and accessibility to data and secure communications through any browser

  • Automated Delivery

    M&A and Corporate Development teams gathering large numbers of documents to support due diligence who need an automated way to bulk-upload, auto-index and structure vast amounts of data so they can be easily accessed

  • Digital Rights Management

    Sell-side teams who are dealing with multiple bidders, who need to control the segregation of parties as well as the Q&A process, so it’s efficient and allows control over which answers are distributed to all deal participants

Crisis Management

You never know when a crisis will hit. One thing you can do, is put a structure in place that can help you address whatever happens, so that your response is immediate, controlled, contained and deliberate.

  • Contingency Plans

    Collaborate internally on business continuity and contingency plans before, during and after a crisis

  • Controlled Access

    Create the ability to lock down the flow of sensitive documents and collaboration to a select number of individuals on a need-to-know basis

  • Private Communication

    Communicate securely with outside counsel, your crisis management firm, regulators and institutional investors over a completely private channel

Life Sciences

Restricting and protecting sensitive intellectual property (IP) and communications, particularly in the pharmaceutical and technology sectors, is critical to the continuing survival of a company. Your IP is your business.

  • Preserve Value

    Contain, on a granular level, discussions and document sharing regarding specific initiatives, research data, test results, designs, concepts, trade secrets, etc.

  • Create More Synergy

    Promote more open collaboration, both internally and with partners, because all participants trust that the sharing and communication with their peers is totally secure

  • Patent Protection and Licensing

    During drug development and testing, as well in the development of new hardware and software technology, you need the ability to contain and restrict the flow of communication and the sphere of collaboration to those individuals with a strict need to know

Supply Chain

Privately collaborating with select partners in isolation from the rest of the supply chain is critical from a number of perspectives, not least of which are pricing and component volume projections. This information has a tendency to leak and can provide consequential competitive intelligence that move markets. It doesn’t have to be this way.

  • Supplier Collaboration

    Securely collaborate with original design manufacturers (ODMs) on future products

  • Private Bidding

    Keep what you’re buying, how much you’re buying and what you’re paying totally private

  • Secure Communications

    Get the best price by keeping all of your supplier communications segregated and secure

Secure File Sharing Outside The Corporate Firewall

An organization’s sphere of activity extends far beyond the corporate network and is constantly changing. You need the ability to securely collaborate with a host of third parties as the need arises, and a solution that’s flexible and easy for all collaborators to use.

  • Legal Counsel

    Share sensitive information with outside counsel or contractors involved in ongoing company matters

  • Auditors and Regulators

    Securely transfer data and documentation to various regulators auditing compliance (i.e., SOX, HIPAA, etc.) or external auditors certifying financial statements

  • Advisors and Tax Consultants

    Securely deliver financial or tax information to external consultants

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