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Organizations that leverage our Advanced Governance Analytics Solution make better decisions for all stakeholders involved.

Advanced Governance Analytics

  • Generate hypotheses and new ideas
  • Respond more boldly to moving targets like COVID-19 and ESG
  • Align executive incentives with organizational goals
  • Identify organizational risks and red flags

Solution Capabilities

Built for top tier organizations seeking to be on the cutting edge of new initiatives

Executive Compensation

Executive Compensation

Gain transparency into market and shareholder expectations with exclusive access to Glass Lewis’ executive compensation model. Design more favorable compensation plans for shareholders. Example Use Case:

  • Prepping for AGMs
Equity Compensation

Equity Compensation

Up against a binding shareholder vote, access Glass Lewis’ equity compensation model for the first time to request additional equity shares and put forward more favorable equity plans for shareholders. Example Use Case:

  • Requesting Shares
Disclosure Search

Disclosure Search

Filter millions of data points across public disclosures to quickly understand how companies are tackling and responding to key issues, such as COVID-19 and ESG, to inform action. Example Use Case:

  • Designing compensation plans
Boardroom Effectiveness

Boardroom Effectiveness

Find, attract, and retain new talent to drive board and C-suite diversity forward. Evaluate boardroom effectiveness and what skills, or risks (e.g., director interlocks), may be holding the organization back. Example Use Case:

  • Finding new skills
Reputational & News Monitoring

Reputational & News Monitoring

Measure reputational health scores against peers in key areas such as ESG. Generate hypotheses to identify ways to respond to key issues. Stay abreast of company and industry happenings. Example Use Case:

  • Measuring ESG Initiatives
Risk Monitoring

Risk Monitoring

Identify organizational risks and red flags early to fortify the organization. Understand ways to respond to difficult or unpredictable events to reduce risk and improve reputation in market. Example Use Case:

  • Monitoring market, industry, competitor, and company updates

At Randstad, we are looking at the compensation policy on a continual basis and it’s an important topic. Prior to the AGM, we want to fully understand how all our stakeholders look at our compensation policy…We understand the potential risks and vulnerabilities a lot better.

Ronald KliphuisGlobal Head of Rewards at Randstad

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