Operational Governance

Driving strategic growth through better risk, compliance, and entity governance

With Diligent’s Operational Governance solution organizations will have access to the right information at the right time to make better decisions and drive strategic growth at any stage of governance maturity. Operational Governance empowers organizations to centralize key documents and data, protect and control access to sensitive information, detect and mitigate compliance and reputational risks and improve overall reporting, efficiency and accountability across all entities and subsidiaries.


Operational Governance Solution

Our Operational Governance solution enables organizations to achieve:

  • Supported sustainable growth
  • Data security and reputational risk mitigation
  • Centralization of key data and documents
  • Controlled access to critical information
  • Improved efficiency, reporting, and accountability

With three packages available, this solution can grow with your organization and put best-in-class governance practices at the forefront.


Set foundations for good corporate governance and conduct digital transformation with a centralized corporate record for entity, cap table and compliance data and documents.


Scale growth and unite business functions across various jurisdictions and systems with common workflows. Further reduce effort and errors when gathering, filing and publishing compliance and entity data.


Facilitate strategic growth and design through improved media and business intelligence and process automation to help redeploy valuable resources away from administrative work.


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