Establish corporate governance pre-IPO to safeguard long-term shareholder and stakeholder interests.

A lack of good governance in early-stage companies is a red flag for investors.

Implementing governance best practices early makes organizations more attractive to investors that can scale with stability and exit with ease.

Diligent Board Management Solution

Nominations & board health check

Find, recruit, and connect with board and executive leadership by leveraging resources, insights, partnerships, and technology needed to further catalyze diversity and modernize governance. Read the blog “How to implement strong corporate governance pre-IPO“ to learn how to build your initial board.


Collaborate Without Compromise

Access a secure, dedicated channel for boards, committees and executives to collaborate on sensitive materials. Eliminate the privacy risks of email and text communication. Learn how a board portal can help minimize the risks associated with going public. Read the blog “Why You Should Use a Board Portal Before Going Public.

Diligent Board Management Solution
Diligent Board Management Solution

Monitor & Achieve Your ESG Goals

Prepare now for formal ESG reporting required for public companies by centralizing and internally sharing the data you need to set, measure, formalize---standards, such as SASB, TCFD, WEF---and surpass your environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals.


Establish effective controls

Are you listing on the NYSE? You’ll need to comply with SOX. Make sure that you’ve laid the groundwork to operate efficiently, demonstrate compliance, and mitigate the cost of risk---potentially criminal. That includes setting up and running an effective internal controls program to demonstrate SOX compliance.

Learn about the key requirements of SOX and compliance best practices.

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Diligent Entity Management Solution

Manage mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures

The IPO process for any stock exchange subjects entity data to scrutiny. Issues with entity paperwork could delay your IPO. Minimize the risk by using a single source of truth for entity, subsidiary and business unit information. And create a culture of self-service through shared dashboards and real-time reports.

Read the blog “Organizing Entity Data Pre-IPO” to learn about the entity data you need to organize to go public and how entity management software can help.


Simplify equity & cap table management

Keep accurate cap tables and manage option plans, grants, and exercises in a single location that are easily reportable through all different types of events, like new funding rounds, convertible notes, warrants and option plans.

Diligent Board Management Solution


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