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Give Back Moment With a Local Nonprofit

David Metcalf CEO & Co-Founder of Verdantix

David will be one of four industry leaders providing TED-talk style insight on emerging hot topics from the main stage Friday, September 15!

For over 20 years, David has delivered guidance on climate, sustainability, environment, health and safety, and ESG to organizations looking to harness emerging market opportunities. We're thrilled to have him share the market trends impacting businesses today and how he sees those trends evolving over time, particularly as regulatory pressure grows.

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Please note: Some sessions may change slightly between now and Modern Governance Summit in September.

  • Boards & Entities

    Explore tips, tricks and techniques to improve your governance practices and entity management.

    What’s New With Diligent Live!

    Diligent Boards Training

    • Board & Leadership Collaboration Beginner Training for Essential & Pro Packages
    • Moving From OneClick to Boards Web
    • Self-Service 101

    Diligent Entities Training

    • Entities Beginner Bootcamp
    • Entities Advanced Training

    Proxy Season Preparation Bootcamp

    • Part 1: Executive Compensation & Succession Planning
    • Part 2: Shareholder Engagement ESG & Activism Preparedness
    • Part 3: Regulatory Compliance With Upcoming SEC Rulings on Cybersecurity & ESG

    Board Management Breakouts

    • Maximizing Board Effectiveness
    • Cybersecurity Is Everyone's Responsibility
    • Be Ready for Anything: Lessons Learned From Governance Crises
    • Best-in-Class Board Operations & Governance

    Entity Management Breakouts

    • Data Integrity: Keeping Your Data Clean
    • Top Tips for Using Entities More Effectively 
    • Organizational Charting in Diligent Entities
    • Building a Team of Entity Management Experts


  • Education & Government (BoardDocs/iCompass/Community)

    Create better community engagement and improve your efficiency.

    Two-Part Master Class Training

    • BoardDocs Training
    • iCompass Training

    Additional Training Options

    • Take Your Policy Management to the Next Level
    • What Is Diligent Community & How Do I Upgrade?

    What’s New With Diligent for Mission-Driven Organizations

    Education & Government Breakout Sessions

    • Bringing Transparency to the Community Through the Public Site
    • Livestreaming & Hybrid Meetings: How to Bring the Community Into Your Meetings
    • Leveraging Your Governance Platform to Promote Accessibility
    • Managing Your Committee Agendas Effectively

    BoardDocs Breakout Sessions

    • Streamlining the Agenda-Building Process in BoardDocs
    • School Board Strategic Plans: The Key to Achieving Your Vision

    iCompass Breakout Sessions

    • Managing Legislative Documents in iCompass
    • Raising Your Profile: Roles & Permissions in iCompass

    Customer Roundtable

    • Live Meeting & Minutes: Managing Your Live Meetings With Ease


  • Nonprofit Governance (BoardEffect)

    Better support your mission by becoming a BoardEffect super user.

    Two-Part Master Class Training

    BoardEffect Breakout Sessions

    • What’s New With Diligent for Mission-Driven Organizations
    • The More You Know: Sending Messages & Notifications
    • Don't Lose Control: Review of Permissions & Security Settings
    • If You Build It, They Will Come: Engaging Your Board With BoardEffect
    • BoardEffect GPS: The Fastest Way to Navigate Your Platform
    • The Accessible Advantage: How ADA Compliance Benefits Everyone


  • ACL Analytics & Audit

    Become a pro at using ACL Analytics, and elevate internal audit with enhanced reporting and controls.

    ACL Analytics & Audit Training

    • Top 10 Data Analytics Tests for Revenue & Cost Auditors
    • ACL Analytics Master Class
    • ACL Analytics Basics: Featuring Active Directory Testing
    • Create Reports Like a Pro With the New Activity Center

    What’s New With Diligent Audit & Analytics

    • The State of Internal Audit
    • Improve Reporting for the Audit Committee

    Internal Audit Breakout Sessions – Corporate

    • Leverage Benchmarking & Sustainability Data in Your Audits
    • 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Analytics Program
    • Generating Reports to Satisfy Leadership
    • Scaling to 100,000 Risk Assessments in a Year
    • Keep Your SOX Clean With Data Analytics

    Internal Audit Breakout Sessions – Federal, State, Local Government and & Education

    • Modernizing Audits Through Automation & Analytics
    • Lessons From a Financial Detective: Avoiding the Due Diligence Mistakes of the Past
    • A Modernized Approach to Digital Audit to Improve Efficiency for State Agencies
    • Experiences Across Multi-Agency Implementation
    • Automation & Analytics in Higher Education Audits


  • ESG & Sustainability

    Accelerate your ESG practices and be ready for current and upcoming reporting regulations.

    Proxy Season Preparation Bootcamp

    • Part 1: Executive Compensation & Succession Planning
    • Part 2: Shareholder Engagement ESG & Activism Preparedness
    • Part 3: Regulatory Compliance With Upcoming SEC rulings on Cybersecurity & ESG

    ESG & Sustainability Breakout Sessions

    • Get Started With ESG Reporting
    • Reporting ESG Outcomes to the Board
    • Reporting on Scope 3: What You Need to Know
    • SEC & CSRD: Why They Matter for Every Company
    • Is Your ESG Program Audit-Ready?
    • The Impact of ESG on Latin America Companies [Spanish]


  • Risk Management

    Stay ahead of emerging cyber risks and empower executives to make informed risk decisions.

    Cyber & IT Risk Training

    • What's New with Diligent Risk Management
    • Product Deep Dive: Enterprise Risk Management
    • Product Deep Dive: IT Risk Management

    Cyber & IT Risk Breakout Sessions

    • Translating Cyber Risk for Decision- Makers: Strategies for Board Reporting
    • From Detection to Recovery: Strengthening Your Cybersecurity Posture With IT Risk Management
    • Mitigating IT Risk: Best Practices for Managing Third-Party Suppliers
    • How to Build a More Robust IT Compliance Program With Continuous Controls
    • Navigating Uncertainty: Strategies for Effective Enterprise Risk Management In Ain a Dynamic Business Landscape


  • Compliance & Ethics

    Explore how to build a resilient compliance program that contributes to a culture of ethical decision-making.

    Compliance Training: Leveraging Insights from Diligent Third-Party Manager 

    Compliance Breakout Sessions:

    • DOJ Enforcements & Regulatory Roundup 
    • Compliance Reporting to The the Board
    • Successful Collaboration Between Audit & Compliance Teams
    • Third-Party Everything!
    • Stories From CCOs: Tales of Navigating Ethical Conundrums and How to Handle the Most Bizarre Incidents 



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