Case Studies

Charting a complex company structure has never been simpler

Anglo American is a globally diversified mining business, whose portfolio of world-class competitive mining operations and undeveloped resources provides the raw materials to meet the growing consumer-driven demands of the world’s developed and maturing economies.


Anglo American needed a solution to effectively map its complex group structure. The Company Secretarial team had previously used another charting tool, but this tool did not completely integrate with Diligent Entities. This often meant that work was duplicated by the team, it was difficult to effectively map the entire global group and version control of charts was not viable.


Since the implementation of ChartIt Designer, Anglo American has been able to edit the content, move boxes and change the layout, enabling the team to create dynamic company structure charts. This has allowed their Company Secretarial team to easily illustrate the relationship between business units and understand their position in the overarching ownership structure. By using ChartIt Designer this was easily achieved as the product comes with a range of formatting tools, including colors and shapes to map group structure. Since the roll out of ChartIt, their Company Secretarial team now has greater control over the charts being created. Basic company data is downloaded directly from Diligent Entities, ensuring greater levels of accuracy in the information being charted.


The simple yet intuitive user interface has enabled Anglo American to create complex group company structure charts, and the overall time taken to create these charts has reduced dramatically. The overall feedback has been very positive and the Company Secretarial team are often asked by other departments for copies of the comprehensive group structure chart.

“Being able to visualize where each company sits in relation to the rest of the group and see the group in its entirety is invaluable and the fact that Chartit allows you to format the printing and save that formatting for future use makes it stand out from its competitors” John Mills, Group Company Secretary

“ChartIt has made it much easier to produce and update a complete group structure chart, particularly because a large proportion of the process can be automated by importing updates directly from within Diligent Entities.” Leah Collinson, Senior Company Secretarial Officer