Case Studies

National House Building Group Gets Technical With Diligent’s Secure Board Portal Solution

A national house building group, and a leader in sustainable construction has used Diligent Boards since July 2013.


In any given year, the company holds up to 120 board or committee meetings. Its 32 users sit on a variety of boards and committees, which meet anywhere from 8 to 24 times a year.

Before using Diligent Boards™, the company produced paper board materials for each meeting. Sometimes each pack contained up to 250 pages, and each pack had to be manually compiled and distributed.

Board meetings at the FTSE 250 Company are the key means by which approval is given for detailed land acquisition proposals for house building developments, and building and infrastructure bid submissions for its construction division. During meetings, specific papers and relevant information to those proposals and bids are reviewed and discussed, which means board packs contain vital commercial details and considerable technical information.


The company wanted to find a more secure way of distributing these materials to directors ahead of each meeting, and to share any associated information board members needed to make informed decisions in between meetings. One of the primary reasons for choosing Diligent over other providers was due to the portal’s resource centre, which would allow relevant information such as technical bids to be shared. The archive books function was also an attractive feature as it meant historical papers dating back several years could be stored and easily accessed.

Following approval from the executive board, the group began a staggered roll-out of the new system. Members of the Plc and executive boards became the first users of the Diligent Boards app, with 7 other committees adopting the system later.


According to the Company Secretary, implementing Diligent Boards has improved the ability of directors to access relevant materials quickly and easily: “Introducing Diligent Boards means that Directors have instant access to all the detail of bids and proposals both at their fingertips in the boardroom and remotely, as they attend internal and external meetings, site visits and stakeholder events. This means they are able to access the commercial technical information on current and historical bids easily, which improves the quality of decision making and communication during meetings.”

He continued: “An added benefit is that the Diligent Boards portal has also saved significant time for our support staff which has reduced the cost of running our board meetings. We’ve also been able to reduce our archive storage volumes as a result of implementing Diligent Boards.”