Society for Corporate Governance 2022 National Conference

June 21-24, 2022
Meet us at booth #5 in Chicago, IL

Solve Your Governance Challenges: Meet with a Diligent Expert

Whether you are just getting started on implementing a modern governance approach or enhancing the practices and technology you have in place, challenges are sure to arise.

Book a spot now in our transparent boardroom, booth 5 on the show floor, and come armed with your questions about how to help your board collaborate more securely and efficiently or how to tame the management of your company’s entities. Start the conversation now about how to leverage your governance assets and practices to tackle new stakeholder initiatives and regulatory requirements, such as ESG.

Interested in meeting with a governance expert?

Schedule a 1:1 meeting with us while at the conference.

Visit the Transparent Boardroom

Visit the Diligent team members at the Transparent Boardroom, booth #5, to learn how you can help us make charitable donations to the International Rescue Committee. Learn more about Diligent’s modern governance platform and governance best practices to earn donations. Complete the Transparent Boardroom experience and receive a pair of sustainable SunSki sunglasses.

Diligent Society 2022 Conference Booth Design

10 Minutes to Better Governance

Take 10 minutes out of your Society schedule to get hands-on with the Diligent modern governance platform. Stop by the Diligent Transparent Boardroom, booth #5, for quick-hitting but experiential demos from Diligent experts. Learn how a modern governance platform can help digitally transform your governance practices, so your board can collaborate and communicate securely, manage entities centrally and report on ESG programs.

Visit anytime during regular show floor hours for demos about:

  • Diligent Board and Leadership Collaboration
  • Diligent Entities
  • Diligent ESG
  • Diligent Compensation and Governance Intelligence

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