Compliance & Ethics Training

Diligent’s Compliance and Ethics training and communication programs help organizations build an ethical culture from the inside out. Provide employees with short, engaging, and effective compliance training and communication that they look forward to seeing.

Compliance Content That Drives Change

Short, engaging, entertaining – that’s the key to getting and keeping your employees’ attention.

Every piece of content you send out has a clear message and call to action, so employees aren’t just entertained – they’re learning.


Make Our Content Yours 

We understand that every organization has unique compliance needs, so we make each of our 4,000 pieces of content yours to completely customize. From branding and visuals to specific workplace examples, it's easy to send out engaging and targeted content.

  • Easily customizable content. 
  • No IT help needed. 
  • Works with or without an existing LMS, e-learning platform or delivery system