BOARD & COMMITTEE effectiveness
Run More Effective Board Meetings
Seamlessly conduct virtual, in-person or hybrid meetings. Assemble digital board books and agendas without version-control issues. Easily take and share minutes, conduct resolutions and hold votes.
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Collaborate Without Compromise
Access a secure, dedicated channel for boards, committees and executives to collaborate on sensitive materials. Eliminate the privacy risks of email and text communication.
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Make Data-Driven Decisions
Equip leadership with real-time information about your industry. Stay up to date on critical business matters, cybersecurity threats, executive compensation planning and stakeholder sentiment.
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Drive Operational Excellence
Boost efficiency, security and effectiveness by upgrading the way boards and executives work. Digitize time-consuming processes, securely share confidential information and provide the right insights at the right time.
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Enhance Your Board & Leadership Processes
Upgrading to Diligent boosts efficiency for boards, committees and executive teams.
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Modern Solutions for Modern Leaders

Entity & Subsidiary Management
Easily manage entities and support strategic growth initiatives by centralizing the corporate record. 
Compensation & Governance Intel
Use market and organizational data to design better executive compensation plans and benchmark against peers.
Board Diversity

Build the best board possible. Spot new risks, manage compliance complexities and govern more effectively.

Diligent ESG
Accelerate and improve the collection, monitoring and reporting of ESG standards, metrics and sustainability data. 

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