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Good governance should be viewed holistically. To ensure end-to-end governance, you need a solution that manages more than only your board documents. Diligent is the #1 enterprise governance management software solutions to lead your organisation forward.

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What Is Modern Governance?

Modern governance is the practice of empowering leaders with technology, insights, and processes to fuel good governance that organisations require to thrive and ensure in today's fast paced world.

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Board Meeting Software

Board meeting software is secure software to help streamline board governance. It is a collaborative tool that allows boards of directors to securely access board documents and work with other board members electronically. Access to board documents and collaboration can be done from their phones, tablets, computers or offline.

  • #1 Global Solution

    Trusted by 145,000+ executive leaders worldwide

  • Cross-Device in Real-Time

    Agendas, documents, annotations all sync seamlessly

  • Collaborate and Deliberate

    Easy agenda building, integrated board meeting minutes and enhanced voting capabilities

  • Secure Access

    Admins can control their board documents more easily than paper

Secure Messaging Tools

Unsecure, third-party email puts your company at risk. Enable safe, secure board member communications wherever your board of directors needs to be.

  • Contacts

    Create pre-set groups and contacts – just like email. Ensure that your board committees have a private, secure channel to communicate.

  • Email Controls

    Remove the risk of “copy and paste” and email forwarding to ensure private conversations are kept private. Users also have the added ability to retract messages.

  • Security

    Built for privacy, discoverability is not a concern with Diligent

Entity Management Software

Maintain legal, financial and regulatory responsibility to maintain compliance through the use of a “single source of truth” that provides an effective chain of oversight for your subsidiary management.

  • Automate Process Chains

    Minimise risk by staying compliant with state and global regulations

  • Organisational Charting

    Industry-leading tool for organisational charting and entity relationship diagramming (ERD)

  • Integrated

    Seamlessly collaborate with all relevant departments to safeguard information and make it readily available when needed

Industry-Leading Security

Diligent provides the highest standard of information security to deliver peace of mind.

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