Board Portal Buyer's Guide
The right board management software can improve governance and board efficiencies while allowing board members to collaborate within a secure platform.
Your Security is Our Priority​
  • Whether sharing files with your legal counsel, regulators, auditors or board members, use our flexible viewing and editing options to ensure only designated users can receive and access content
  • Maintain version control of content at all times, adding watermarks with email, date and time stamps to validate documents and prevent counterfeiting
  • Benefit from 256-bit AES-GCM encryption on the server, mobile apps and desktop as well as 256-bit SSL/TLS 1.2 during data transmission with our ISO 27001 certified solution
Improve Productivity With Real-Time Collaboration​
  • Access and upload files including MP4, JPG or Microsoft 365 documents
  • Collaborate with teams simultaneously on the same document while maintaining the full edit history for version control
  • Optimize workflows, integrating and leveraging complimentary products in the Diligent suite such as Diligent Messaging, Diligent Entities and Diligent Boards

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Discuss Confidential and Sensitive Topics Securely​

Keep confidential information away from unsecured channels and hold urgent conversations between board members on sensitive topics in a fully encrypted, user friendly portal.​

Collate Approvals, Signatures & Poll Results on a Centralized Platform

Ease the burden of board administration and simplify obtaining authorization and sign-off for critical documents with software that submits, records and securely stores signed documentation or voting outcomes.​

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