2022 Governance Outlook: 5 Risks and Opportunities


In 2022, we continue to see a higher level of urgency around important topics like diversity, cyber risk and climate change, which have finally reached critical mass in boardrooms and C-suites. As we settle into a new normal, punctuated by a steady stream of new COVID strains, increased shareholder activism and major new regulations, forward-thinking organisations must move away from crisis mode toward longer-term transformational strategies.

Supply chains, human capital and data strategies must all continue to evolve in order to keep up with an ever-changing world.

In this report, we surveyed 900 risk and finance executives and share the insights as we look at the top risks facing organisations in 2022 – as well as the opportunities that will arise in the following key areas:

  • Human capital
  • Technology and cyber risk
  • Regulatory change and compliance
  • Supply chain
  • Lack of diversity
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