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Leverage AI to Prioritize Relevant Industry News for Your Leaders
  • Provide directors and executives with actionable insights about your company, industry and peers from over 90,000 news and online sources
  • Analyse news sentiment in 25 categories including: financial, government, partners and competitors, operations, products, services and management
  • Receive a simple media snapshot indicating your organization’s strengths and exposure points, highlighting where your board needs to focus their attention
Executive Compensation 8.2
Review Your ESG Health Score
  • Achieve a deeper understanding of how your environmental, social and governance reputation compares to your peers with our proprietary patented algorithm
  • Filter articles from over 90,000 news sources to generate an ESG health score
  • Take targeted, corrective action to manage your reputation, monitoring the results over time
Access Your  Cybersecurity Rating
  • Give your board greater visibility into your organization’s cyber-health with a cybersecurity rating powered by SecurityScorecard, a trusted risk-rating provider that collects and analyzes a broad range of threat intelligence data from an outside-in perspective
  • View your and your peer's cybersecurity rating within the Diligent Board portal on an easy-to-use cyber risk scorecard
  • Enable teams to manage risk, address vulnerabilities and build a stronger external reputation

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Gain Access to Glass Lewis Peer Group Insights

Proactively design and benchmark your plans ahead of your AGM
Diligent CCO Master Class

Diligent Master Class for CCOs

Explore our one-of-a-kind program that provides actionable advice and frameworks for today’s compliance leaders.

Formulate an effective disclosure strategy

Make more informed decisions about the methods your organization adopts for disclosing critical information

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