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Build the Best Board Possible

The board is your organization's most powerful strategic tool – and who sits at the boardroom table matters more than ever. Diverse backgrounds, modern skill sets and varied expertise distinguish successful organizations from the rest. 

  • Spot areas of potential investor opposition      
  • Manage new regulatory complexities
  • Recruit better board talent 


Board Diversity

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Diligent Board Management Solution
Diligent Board Management Solution
Diligent Board Management Solution
See How Diligent Connects You With Diverse Board Candidates
Compare Diversity Policies & Progress
Compare your policies and progress to peers and competitors. Keep a pulse on what shareholders and stakeholders are saying about your board. Be the first to know when your board composition is under public scrutiny.
Diligent Board Management Solution
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Assess Board & Director Effectiveness
Make board refreshment and succession planning a priority. Integrate action items into board meeting agendas to ensure feedback is incorporated into strategic plans.
Diligent Board Management Solution
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Expand Your Nominations Process
Run a more diverse, equitable and inclusive nominations process. Cast a wider net by tapping one of the largest and most diverse communities of board members and board-ready talent in the world.
Diligent Board Management Solution
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Tap Into the Largest, Most Diverse Candidate Pool

Nominate rising directors. Emphasize a more diverse recruitment process. Post board opportunities, and partner with director and executive organizations.

Diligent Board Management Solution
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Drive Diversity Forward
Implement best practices, strategies and tools to create more inclusive, equitable and effective boards. See Diligent in action today.

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