Announcing Policy Manager: Next Generation Policy Management

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.– May 5, 2020. Steele Compliance Solutions, the global leader in Ethics & Compliance management, launched Policy Manager, its revolutionary, technology-enabled policy management solution that gives organizations the ability to quickly and seamlessly develop, deploy and distribute new policies throughout the organization.

Employers are facing an ever-growing number of new compliance issues related to COVID-19, often requiring new or updated policies or guidelines related to federal, state and local mandates. Businesses must continue to manage an effective and productive workforce in order to maintain business operations. However, many companies are grappling with how to quickly review and revise hundreds of policies or create new ones to address this rapidly evolving situation. Now, more than ever, a policy management program that is nimble and effective is critical. Steele’s powerful new policy management solution provides organizations with the ability to easily access, review, deploy and administer new policies, ensuring compliance with evolving laws and regulations while providing employees with greater clarity in uncertain times.

Steele’s Policy Manager provides organizations with a streamlined and compliant way to manage the policy lifecycle by addressing the biggest pain points confronting organizations today: lack of version control, increased risk due to changing regulations, unnecessary expenses related to inefficient management of hundreds of policies in disparate systems and the lack of clarity for employees in accessing and understanding policies that may impact their jobs. Policy Manager’s three innovative modules: Policy Make, Policy Portal, and Policy Deploy allows organizations to efficiently manage the document lifecycle, make documents easy to find and view, as well as, deploying documents for employee comprehension and acknowledgement.

“As the CCO of the largest, university-connected research foundation we have hundreds of policies in place to address a constantly changing regulatory landscape. It is critical for us to have a single system to manage all these policies effectively,” said Joshua Toas, CCO of SUNYRF. “Steele’s Policy Manager provides us with a comprehensive system to manage and review existing policies and deploy new ones to all of our employees quickly and easily, ensuring we are providing clarity and transparency across our organization.”

“Organizations are being confronted with enormous challenges to ensure business continuity in challenging times,” said Eric Lochner, CEO, Steele Compliance Solutions. “Companies have long struggled with effective policy management and deployment. This new paradigm, however, makes it even more critical that companies are able to move with speed and agility to address a constantly evolving work environment for many of their employees. Steele’s Policy Manager platform provides compliance teams with the most effective policy management solution available in the market. Policy Manager enables our clients to manage their policy library with ease from policy creation through the document lifecycle, ensuring transparency across their organizations.”

Policy Manager is packed with enhanced collaboration capabilities to improve visibility throughout the organization including, advanced workflows, enhanced management reporting capabilities with a rich set of dashboards, integrated training and acknowledgment capabilities and the ability to connect all applicable regulations to appropriate policies making it one of the most comprehensive solutions in the market.

About Steele Compliance Solutions, Inc.
Steele is the global leader in Ethics & Compliance Management. We partner with the world’s largest, most respected, companies worldwide to deliver compliance products and services that help organizations embrace a culture of compliance while protecting their brand.

For more information please visit www.steeleglobal.com.


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