Modern Governance 15: Diligent Strengthens its Exclusive Partnership with Glass Lewis to Help Organizations Design Better Compensation Plans

With insight into how investors will view compensation plans, organizations can proactively make adjustments and increase stakeholder and shareholder alignment

New York, NY - February 25, 2021 - Diligent Corporation, the leading modern governance company with a platform used by nearly 700,000 board directors and leaders around the globe, today announced its Executive Compensation Solutions. The solutions empower organizations to design executive compensation plans that support stakeholder interests, align with ESG and DEI metrics, and attract and retain the right talent. With these solutions, Diligent offers exclusive access to Glass Lewis' compensation models.

'As stakeholder capitalism and a heightened focus on ESG and DEI initiatives puts more pressure on organizations to meet certain goals, general counsels and human resources professionals must get executive compensation plans right,' said Brian Stafford, CEO of Diligent. 'Our solutions equip organizations with the data and analytics they need to design equitable and responsible compensation plans that their stakeholders expect. As we continue to see more companies tying executive compensation to ESG and DEI metrics, having access to information and insight on how to do so will be paramount.'

With these solutions, Diligent customers can better understand how their compensation plans measure against peers and the market, and as a result, design plans that are on par with industry benchmarks. In addition, customers can quickly search public disclosures to learn how to incorporate important metrics such as ESG and DEI into their plans. Organizations can also have better insight into how stakeholders will view their compensation plans prior to annual general meetings and ensure alignment.

'We update our model and peer comparisons each year to incorporate the evolving perspectives of institutional investors globally,' said Kevin Cameron, Executive Chair of Glass Lewis. 'Our goal is to help public companies better understand the perspectives of their investors. We are pleased to bring this intelligence to organizations through our partnership with Diligent.'

The Executive Compensation Solutions were originally introduced by Diligent partner CGLytics in 2018, and support a significant customer base of Fortune 500 companies, compensation consultants, and activist investors. As CGLytics becomes part of the Diligent brand, Glass Lewis' models will be a foundational component of the Executive Compensation Solutions for customers.

For more information about Diligent's Executive Compensation Solutions visit https://diligent.com/executive-compensation.

For more information about Diligent's Modern Governance platforms visit https://diligent.com/news.

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Glass Lewis is the leading independent provider of global governance solutions. We enable institutional investors and publicly listed companies to make sustainable decisions based in research and data. We cover 30,000 meetings each year, across approximately 100 global markets. Our customers include the majority of the world's largest pension plans, mutual funds, and asset managers who collectively manage over $40 trillion in assets. Our core solutions include Proxy Paper proxy research and Viewpoint proxy vote management platform. More information available at www.glasslewis.com.

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