Steele Launches The AI Investigator

The Industry’s Only Real-time Comprehensive Data Source for Identifying Financial and Corruption Risk

San Francisco, CA, April 3, 2019. Steele Compliance Solutions, Inc., the leading global provider of integrated risk management solutions, today announced the release of the AI Investigator, which introduces the industry’s only real-time data source for identifying financial and corruption risk. The AI Investigator provides compliance professionals a single source for identifying risk events by using machine learning and natural language processing to deliver a consolidated risk profile that verifies data through Steele’s patented AI technology.

Steele has successfully coupled industry-leading human intelligence with advanced automation, leveraging AI-driven screening tools to deliver the most robust solution available to manage compliance risk. Steele continues to innovate the use of AI by providing compliance professionals a consolidated, real-time risk profile on individuals and entities.

“The needs and demands of compliance departments continue to grow and evolve,” said Eric Lochner, CEO, Steele Compliance Solutions. “This new shift means compliance departments require solutions that balance speed, cost-efficiency and comprehensive risk management. Steele’s patented AI-driven platform provides compliance teams with the most relevant results saving not only time, but money. Compliance teams will have more time to analyze and make strategic decisions on the right data, rather than spend time mining news sources and clearing false positives.”

Steele’s AI Investigator creates risk profiles, by consolidating data from millions of websites, thousands of sanctions/watchlist databases, 135+ million company records, 180 million officer records, and nearly a million offshore records. The AI Investigator is adding over 30,000+ new records daily making it the most real-time and relevant data source available. The AI Investigator will be immediately available to Steele’s over 650+ clients across the globe.

Steele’s AI Investigator coupled with Steele’s robust integrated risk-management solutions provides companies the next generation of compliance designed to proactively manage the changing regulatory landscape.


Steele is your best source for smarter business decisions, offering configurable compliance solutions that will help you to thoroughly evaluate and mitigate potential risks. With products and services that incorporate industry leading artificial intelligence, training, automation, and human diligence, we partner with our clients to help them to not only understand the world of the people they do business with but to arm employees with the right tools and information to continue to make ethical decisions. At Steele we believe we are smarter together – with the right combination of data, insights, technology and people, we can change the world for the better.


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