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Formerly Modern Governance Summit

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September 8th - 11th 2024
Houston Texas
Event Agenda
From breakout sessions with the latest trends, to hands-on training, inspiring general sessions, this event will surely be one to remember. More information to come on these 60+ sessions. 
From BoardDocs to Diligent Community: The view from the other sideBreakout
In this session, panelists will share their experience in migrating from BoardDocs to Diligent Community. Discover the strategies that helped ensure a smooth transition, the support provided by the Diligent team, how to address common concerns, and how their staff, leadership and community have benefitted since upgrading.
Optimizing tools for corporate governance: Entities & Boards are better togetherBreakout
Navigating governance and compliance requirements for complex and multinational organizations is a tall order. Hear from our panel of customers leveraging Diligent Boards and Diligent Entities together to create a single source of truth for their corporate record and digitize corporate governance across their enterprises.
The future of audit: Risk manager, AI and user experienceBreakout
Discover the latest innovations in audit management on the Diligent One Platform. Enhance strategic alignment with an integrated audit ecosystem and risk taxonomy. Stay agile against emerging risks by leveraging dynamic response capabilities with continuous planning. Maximize value and efficiency for your team by aligning audit activities with organizational objectives.
Inside the Fed: How BoardEffect supports a complex governance networkBreakout
Hear from the Federal Reserve how BoardEffect has helped to enhance their organizational practices. Discover how refined support processes and a strong system of governance has established a culture of success.
The new Global Internal Audit Standards: Why they matter to board members, corporate governance professionals and internal auditorsBreakout
In January 2024, the IIA released the new Global Internal Audit Standards, set to take effect in January 2025. This update marks the most significant change since the introduction of the International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF). This session will provide an overview of these new standards, highlighting their importance to internal auditors, board members, and corporate governance professionals.
Change management: Boards Web adoption tips from the fieldBreakout
Having trouble making the switch from Boards One Click? This customer panel features Boards power users on making the switch from One Click to Boards Web to handle even their most complex governance requirements, including how they managed change, results they achieved and what they wish they knew sooner.
10 practices to build the best boardsBreakout
Studies have shown a correlation between higher levels of board effectiveness and boards that adopt inclusive practices and consist of directors from a range of backgrounds and experiences. Leading boards maximize their effectiveness by intentionally evaluating board dynamics and by structuring meetings, engagements and relationships to be inclusive. In collaboration with board members, national organizations and leading thinkers, we have compiled practices and tools to assess your board’s practices and activities. To help you create a leading board culture, we'll share the most impactful takeaways along with insights from seasoned governance professionals already implementing these practices in the boardroom.
Advanced Diligent ACL AnalyticsTraining
Join analytics experts to explore advanced functionality in Diligent ACL and the E2E Audit to Board Reporting functionality. Experts will demonstrate features like creating advanced robots and sending data from ACL to Diligent One Platform for visualization.
General counsels on performance standards for board administrationBreakout
What does good governance look like? How do you recognize a well-functioning board? Seasoned general counsels will share their perspectives on the standards and practices that set organizations apart and enable governance to be a competitive advantage.
The Corporate Transparency Act: Navigating key changes and implicationsBreakout
Multiple regulations mandating higher levels of corporate transparency are coming into effect globally in the coming year, including the Corporate Transparency Act in the US and ECCTA in Europe — and many companies are still working to understand how these rules impact them and what they need to do about it. Hear how companies are navigating these new regulations, and how entity management technology helps mitigate regulatory risk.
What to know before you IPO: Rallying around GRC best practicesBreakout
Preparing for an IPO demands that organizations mature several interconnected competencies within the business in preparation for new levels of transparency: corporate governance, organizational resilience, financial reporting, sustainability and legal compliance. Join this session to learn from cross-functional GRC professionals and legal experts who have been through an IPO and the roadmap they followed to sucessfully take their companies public.
Automating audits and risk management: Harnessing analytics for efficiency and insightBreakout
In our dynamic governance, risk and compliance landscape, the ability to adapt and innovate has become crucial for internal auditors. This session focuses on the transformative potential of automating audits and risk management through advanced analytics. Participants will explore how leveraging cutting-edge technologies and analytical tools can significantly enhance the efficiency, accuracy and depth of audit processes and risk management strategies.
Intro to Diligent ACL AnalyticsTraining
Welcome to Diligent ACL, the foundation of analytics for not only the audit functionality in the Diligent One Platform, but the basis for analytics across all of the Diligent GRC functions. This session is designed for beginners and as a good refresher for users who want more practice. Explore functionality like basic scripting, creating your first robot and more!
Elevating board reporting: Communicating insights effectively to drive strategic decision-makingBreakout
In today’s evolving business landscape, internal audit leaders play a critical role in providing actionable insights to the board. This session equips internal audit leaders with the skills to enhance board reporting by distilling complex audit findings into clear, impactful messages. Learn techniques for crafting compelling narratives and leveraging visual storytelling to effectively communicate key insights, risks and recommendations.
Auditing AI and harnessing its power for risk managementBreakout
Explore the critical role of auditing AI systems and learn how to harness their power for effective risk management. This session will delve into the methodologies and best practices for auditing AI, ensuring transparency, accountability, and compliance. Gain valuable knowledge on integrating AI audit practices into your organization's governance framework to mitigate risks and drive informed decision-making.
Third-party management: Best practices for complianceRoundtable
Learn best practices for third-party risk and compliance management, hosted in a small format to welcome participant exchange.
Leveraging compliance data for decision-making​Breakout
Selecting metrics that matter in your executive and board reporting, driven by partners in our compliance ecosystem.
AI and ethical compliance: Navigating new frontiers​Breakout
The impact of AI is top of mind across GRC professionals. Explore the advantages of using AI in your compliance practice and the latest commentary on risks of AI applications.
Unlocking ESG success: The power of compliance teamsBreakout
Compliance teams are sometimes typecast as box checkers and process police, having little to do with corporate ESG programs. But in reality, compliance professionals are key to running successful ESG initiatives. Join us for an exploration of the role compliance teams play in successful ESG programs, how these roles are evolving, and how compliance leaders can stay ahead of the curve.
Embedding ESG: A new frontier for audit, risk and compliance teams Breakout
Just as cost accounting before it, sustainability has grown to play a crucial role across departments. More than simply a question of reporting, ESG should be embedded in the workflows of risk, audit and compliance teams. This is no simple task. Join us for a discussion of what’s possible with embedded ESG.
ESG: From cost center to value creatorBreakout
ESG is often seen as a cost center with professionals required to make the case for their budgets regardless of how vital their work is to the company. Using creative thinking, however, you can not only convey the value of ESG to other departments, but potentially turn the ESG department into a source of additional value for the company.
Live & clear: Streamlining transparency and compliance with Diligent CommunityBreakout
Join local government and education leaders and administrators to hear how Diligent Community helps them to address the needs of their constituents. From improving accessibility to supporting engagement, panelists will share improvements in transparency and how these improvements have impacted the feedback they receive from stakeholders.
Defensible disclosures: Aligning boards, audit and ESGBreakout
Boards and audit teams play a greater role in sustainability oversight and reporting than ever, working closely to create accurate and defensible disclosures. Explore best practices these teams can follow to get — and stay — aligned and make meaningful, defensible disclosures.
Mitigate shareholder risk & control your proxy narrative: ESG, cyber, executive compensation & beyondBreakout
Governance professionals are navigating shareholder risk from a multitude of angles with new disclosure requirements demanding transparency on ESG, cyber and executive compensation — not to mention the universal proxy card holding each board seat accountable. With activism on the rise, proxy season is putting companies under the microscope in new ways that demand fresh a fresh approach to shareholder engagement and owning your proxy narrative. Join our expert panel to hear trends from the recently wrapped proxy season and how companies are using benchmarking to enable confidence in their disclosures.
The IPO boom revisited: How it started, how it's going and what can we learnBreakout
2021 was a watershed year for IPOs in the United States, with more than 1,000 companies going public. During this time, governance norms were shifting; SPACs outpaced traditional IPOs and shareholder expectations around ESG and board diversity were evolving. Over the next three years, shifting monetary policy, geopolitical conflict and the rise of generative AI would put these companies and their governance structures to the test. Nearly 4 years on, what can the IPO class of 2021 teach us about the role that good governance plays in building organizational resilience and creating value for shareholders?
Diligent Boards training: Moving from OneClick to Boards WebTraining
In this session led by Diligent trainers, we'll show you how to replace common processes in OneClick with updated features in Diligent Boards Web Admin — and unlock innovation in the process.
Subsidiary management: Best practice knowledge sharing from your peersRoundtable
Join fellow Entities customers for a facilitated conversation.
Tools for efficient agendas: Understanding templates, meeting groups & workflowsTraining
Simplify the agenda creation process with templates and custom workflows for advanced agenda building. Discover strategies to streamline agenda creation and collaboration, simplifying item submission and approval for all staff. Engage stakeholders and enhance efficiency while allowing for review and feedback.
Geopolitical dynamics & sanction strategies​Breakout
Join us for an in-depth discussion on the rise in new sanctions designations and enforcement amidst the ongoing conflicts. This session will explore the complexities of navigating these geopolitical dynamics to ensure compliance, resilience and good governance. Learn from experts about adapting your strategies to stay ahead of evolving regulations and mitigate risks in a volatile global landscape.
Entity management as risk mitigation & capacity buildingBreakout
Risk hides throughout your corporate structure, from group to regional to legal entity level. Yet many companies still don’t have the governance processes in place to continuously monitor compliance from top to bottom. Discover how proactively managing legal entities mitigates operational risk and enhances companies’ capacity to focus on more strategic decisions.
The future of risk management: Cyber, AI and GRC softwareBreakout
Delve into the latest trends, challenges and best practices in cyber risk management, AI applications and GRC software vendor consolidation. Our expert panelists will dissect strategies for navigating the evolving cyberthreat landscape, harnessing AI for risk prediction and mitigation, and optimizing GRC software to streamline compliance efforts amidst vendor consolidation. Join us for a dynamic discussion that promises to provide invaluable insights into shaping the future of risk management in a rapidly changing digital world.​
Let's not get sued: Proactive governance in the new era of CaremarkBreakout
With recent high-profile cases out of the Delaware courts and increasingly litigious proxy fights within small cap public companies, the level of personal liability facing directors and officers of companies has never been higher. And the pressure on governance and legal professionals to mitigate these risks has increased commensurately as well. Learn from customers and legal professionals how they're implementing proactive governance practices to mitigate legal risk in this new era of Caremark standards.
Boards user training (beginner)Training
New to Diligent Boards? Welcome! This training session is for you. Diligent trainers will take you through some of the fundamentals so that you can uplevel your board management processes to maximize efficiency and security.
Diligent Questionnaires user trainingTraining
Boards Premium Questionnaires got some major enhncements over the past several months that can make your next D&O or board evaluation a breeze with templates, notifications and new question options. Join this training session specifically focused on Premium Questionnaires so you can take advantage in the upcoming D&O season and beyond.
Boards user training (advanced)Training
Calling all Boards power users — this training is for you! Led by Diligent Boards trainers, this session will dive into deeper functionality to help you optimize efficiency.
Getting your board on boardBreakout
Adopting new board management software can feel overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Board admins face a unique challenge as they seek to drive adoption amongst board members and executives. Learn how one customer partnered with Diligent to drive adoption of of Diligent Boards among board members and executives to establish more secure and efficient processes for board and committee meetings.
What's new: Live! Boards & Entities RoadmapBreakout
Consistently and securely providing an accurate, clear and complete snapshot of your company every quarter builds resilience. Join this session to learn how Diligent is optimizing our Boards and Entities solutions to better support the efficient and secure collection, organization and presentation of data from internal systems and key stakeholders.
AI, the board and corporate governanceBreakout
In an era of rapid technological advancement, AI is reshaping corporate governance. This session delves into the intersection of AI and governance, tailored for governance professionals. Our panel will include discussion on ethical considerations, new governance challenges in addressing risks and accountability, and practical applications such as improved efficiency and decision-making.
Diligent Risk Management ​workshop: Empowering audit & ​risk professionalsTraining
Join our risk management workshop, tailored for risk and audit professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge of Diligent’s Enterprise Risk Management and IT Risk Management solutions. Through interactive demonstrations, participants will explore key topics including proactive risk assessment techniques, integrating risk management into audit processes, and leveraging technology for enhanced risk monitoring. Join us to elevate your risk management program and unlock the full potential of Diligent software in navigating today’s evolving risk landscape.​
Reporting risk to leadership and the board: Strategies for risk-informed decision-makingBreakout
Gain invaluable insights into effective risk communication strategies with industry thought leaders. Discover best practices for articulating complex risks to senior leadership and the board, empowering risk-informed decision-making processes. Our panelists will share practical tips, case studies and communication frameworks to enhance risk transparency, foster business resilience and drive strategic alignment. Don't miss this opportunity to refine your risk reporting skills and elevate your impact as a risk leader.
Achieving holistic risk management through collaboration between audit and risk teamsBreakout
Explore the transformative power of collaboration between audit and risk professionals in identifying, assessing and mitigating strategic and operational risks effectively. Our panel of experts will delve into successful collaboration models, best practices for aligning objectives, and leveraging synergies to enhance risk visibility and strategic decision-making. Join us to uncover actionable insights, foster cross-functional partnerships, and drive a culture of risk-awareness throughout your organization.
From spreadsheets to software: Enhancing your ERM programBreakout
Join us for an illuminating panel session where Diligent customers unveil real-world success stories of transitioning from manual spreadsheet-based risk management to cutting-edge software solutions in the public sector. Through firsthand accounts from industry leaders, gain invaluable insights into the benefits, challenges and best practices of implementing enterprise risk management (ERM) software. Discover how these organizations have streamlined risk processes, improved decision-making and fortified resilience against emerging threats. Don't miss this opportunity to glean actionable strategies for elevating your ERM program and driving positive transformation in your organization.
BoardEffect GPS: Master your platform navigationTraining
Let us be your navigation guide! Discover the quickest methods to access and manage information in BoardEffect. Become a platform pro. Accelerate agenda preparation and put your meetings on cruise control.
Driving business success with Diligent Risk ManagementBreakout
Unlock the secrets to driving business success through Diligent Risk Management in our customer panel session. Dive into firsthand accounts from industry leaders who have leveraged Diligent’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and IT Risk Management (ITRM) solutions to enhance their commercial operations and automate their cybersecurity program. Discover how organizations have optimized risk processes, bolstered decision-making, and gained a competitive edge in today's dynamic market landscape. Join us to uncover actionable strategies, success stories and best practices for maximizing the potential of Diligent Risk Management in commercial settings. 
Boardroom behind-the-scenes: Setting the stage for effective meetingsBreakout
This session unpacks the strategies that seasoned BoardEffect administrators use to drive successful meetings and governance. From tips for setting up practice books and workrooms, to defining custom categories and other settings, there are many options to set your organization up for long-term success. Whether customizing and standardizing email templates, or updating user profiles, attendees will learn the top BoardEffect best practices and unique applications that optimize BoardEffect for your board’s unique needs.
Innovative approaches to efficiency with Diligent EquityBreakout
BoardEffect Q&A: Beginners and experts welcome!Training
Join our expert team of training specialists for an informal Q&A session. We'll cover any remaining topics from our earlier training sessions, and attendees will be invited to submit questions in advance. No question is off the table!
Boosting board meeting efficiency: Optimizing preparation & productivityBreakout
Get ready to boost productivity and make your board meetings smoother than ever. In this session, attendees will learn how to improve their board meetings using BoardEffect. Discover tips for setting up meetings more efficiently, accessing documents easily and keeping everything secure.
The board’s role in navigating security & risk: The Diligent Institute Certificate in Cyber Risk Oversight for mission-driven organizations Breakout
Learn about the Diligent Institute certification program that helps leaders of nonprofit and mission-driven organizations to develop cyber literacy skills in order to confidently execute their role in providing strategic direction and oversight of cyber risk and emerging technologies. Participate in a hands-on activity that highlights program topics including the cybersecurity regulation landscape, cyber risk management, cyber strategy and board oversight, and navigating cyber incidents.
Engage for impact: Considerations for board member engagement & outcomesBreakout
An engaged board has positive long-term effects on the organization and its mission. We will discuss the factors that define positive board engagement and how to leverage technology to support board members with onboarding, training and ongoing support. Learn how BoardEffect helps administrators and board members to be prepared to make informed and effective decisions.
Trust through transparency: Harnessing the power of Diligent CommunityBreakout
Join leaders from Glenbrook High School District 225 as they share insights from their two-year journey with Diligent Community. Discover how they've enhanced stakeholder engagement using Livestream Manager and integrations with Zoom and Boxcast, and streamlined policy management by revising over 100 policies using the new policy publisher tool. Learn practical strategies and best practices to effectively utilize technology in educational administration.
The board’s role in navigating security & risk: The Diligent Institute Certificate in Cyber Risk Oversight for K12 educationBreakout
Developed in partnership with Pennsylvania School Safety Institute (PennSSI), our Diligent Institute certification program helps public education leaders develop cyber literacy skills to confidently execute their role in providing strategic direction and oversight of cyber risk and emerging technologies. Participate in a hands-on activity that highlights program topics including the cybersecurity regulation landscape, cyber risk management, cyber strategy and board oversight, and navigating cyber incidents.
The engaged board: Supporting a positive member experienceBreakout
An engaged board is a productive board. Hear from a sitting board member and an executive secretary about what it takes to create an environment for positive board engagement. From onboarding to training to ongoing support, learn how Diligent Community supports both administrators and board members in making informed decisions that benefit the community.
Managing the policy lifecycle: Best practices for creating, reviewing and publishing policiesTraining
Learn the quickest way for your board to review and adopt policies. Draft, review and adopt policies and publish to an online handbook with integrated Microsoft Office tools for seamless staff collaboration. We’ll show you how to simplify your policy records and public requests with an auditable version history and timeline for each policy.
For the people: Features for public awareness & engagementTraining
This session will demonstrate how to optimize your processes and simplify the way you provide information for the public. Learn how to customize outreach with your organization's logo and colors, how to set up integrations with social media platforms to streamline communication, and how to manage calendars, meeting notifications, subscriptions and requests to speak. Plus, captioned livestream broadcasts and site search help keep your community informed and engaged.
Modern meeting management: Keeping control before, during & afterTraining
Enhance your skills in managing live meetings and minutes. In this hands-on training session, discover time-saving techniques and practical tips for seamless coordination and record-keeping during your meetings. Learn about editing and distributing minutes, and efficiently managing voting processes. Discover user-friendly tools that will boost your productivity.
BoardEffect data KISS: Keep it safe and soundTraining
Don’t lose control — master your permissions and security settings! Discover how to fine-tune user access and delegate tasks, ensuring your board’s data stays secure while streamlining your workflow.
BoardEffect cooking class: Recipes for better meeting booksTraining
Spice up your meeting books with BoardEffect’s latest features! Develop a taste for seamless collaboration via Word and PowerPoint, using built-in integration with Microsoft Office 365. Learn to customize layouts and create easy-to-navigate books that keep your board members on the same page.
Entitites training: Level 1Training
Get started with Diligent Entities with this foundational training.
Entities training: Level 2Training
Join this intermediate Diligent Entities training following the level 1 session
Entities training: Level 3Training
This training session is for advanced Entities users who have already mastered content in Levels 1 & 2.